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Brian Behlendorf, Scientist
BornMarch 30, 1973
Age50 years
Early Life and Education
Brian Behlendorf was born in 1973 in Southern California, United States. He had a keen rate of interest in coding and modern technology from a young age. He pursued his love for computer technology as well as took place to research at the University of California, Berkeley, in the early 1990s. Throughout his time at UC Berkeley, Brian was dramatically associated with the development of the web as well as online communities.

Producing the Apache HTTP Server
Behlendorf's interest for the net led him to work on the advancement of the Apache HTTP Server, one of the globe's most widely utilized web servers. In 1995, he co-founded the Apache Group, later on referred to as the Apache Software Foundation. The Apache HTTP Server rapidly gained popularity for its stability, effectiveness, as well as open-source nature, contributing considerably to the fast growth of the net.

Development of O'Reilly Media's Perl Conference
Brian Behlendorf has actually always been a believer in the power of open-source software application advancement communities. In 1997, he took part in the development of O'Reilly Media's Perl Conference, the initial meeting committed to the Perl shows language. This seminar became the catalyst for the formation of The Open Source Initiative and also the popularization of the term "open source".

Organic Inc.
. In 1993, Behlendorf co-founded Organic Inc., a very early web design and advancement working as a consultant, in addition to a team of close friends. Organic Inc. turned into one of the leading website design companies during the dot-com period, establishing internet sites for substantial clients, including Levi Strauss, NFL, as well as Starbucks.

CollabNet and Subversion
In 1999, Behlendorf co-founded CollabNet, a business that gives devices and also services for joint software development. As the CTO of CollabNet, he assisted establish an open-source variation control system called Subversion, which became widely preferred among programmers for preserving and tracking modifications in software program resource code.

World Economic Forum and Technology Pioneers Program
Brian Behlendorf's contributions to technology as well as the web were recognized by the World Economic Forum, which called him a Global Leader for Tomorrow in 2000. The list below year, he joined the forum's Technology Pioneers Program, which acknowledges and sustains the most ingenious start-ups and also technology companies throughout different industries.

Open-Source Advocate as well as Mozilla Foundation
Behlendorf has actually constantly been a supporter for open-source software application and its capacity to drive advancement via partnership. In 2003, he signed up with the board of the Mozilla Foundation, which is responsible for the growth of the Firefox internet browser and also various other open-source tasks. His payments to the foundation assisted drive Mozilla in the direction of coming to be a substantial player in the internet browser market.

Blockchain and also Hyperledger
Brian Behlendorf has actually shown a deep rate of interest in blockchain modern technology and its possible to change different markets. In 2016, he was designated Executive Director of the Hyperledger Project, an open-source collaborative effort created by the Linux Foundation to advance cross-industry blockchain modern technologies. Under Behlendorf's management, Hyperledger has actually grown dramatically and also currently includes a number of enterprise-grade blockchain platforms, including Hyperledger Fabric and also Hyperledger Sawtooth.

Brian Behlendorf has been at the leading edge of the electronic transformation because the early days of the internet. His service the Apache HTTP Server, open-source initiatives, and also blockchain technology has made a significant influence on the software application advancement landscape. As a visionary and also business owner, he remains to drive technology and also cooperation in the modern technology sector.

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Small: So thats my main role right now and really the politics also includes going out and communicating to th
"So that's my main role right now and really the politics also includes going out and communicating to the world why Apache is a good thing, why companies should be involved in it, and why individuals should be involved in it too"
Small: And, I think that is actually appropriate because Im really not the worlds best programmer, I think its
"And, I think that is actually appropriate because I'm really not the world's best programmer, I think it's a good thing that I'm not touching the code"
Small: I think the most that Ive learned has been, how do I put this? The innate goodness inside of all of us
"I think the most that I've learned has been, how do I put this? The innate goodness inside of all of us"
Small: Certainly I get a lot personally out of it as well, theres the recognition and things like that but mos
"Certainly I get a lot personally out of it as well, there's the recognition and things like that but mostly I try to take that as an opportunity to explain why I hope we could see more projects like Apache out there and why it's a good thing for society"