Cleobulus Biography

Cleobulus, Poet
Born asΚλεόβουλος
Born600 BC
Lindus, Rhodes
Died500 BC
Cleobulus was a prominent philosopher, poet, and lawmaker that stayed in the ancient Greek city-state of Lindos on the island of Rhodes. He was birthed around 600 BCE, throughout a time of terrific intellectual and also social growth in Greece.

Cleobulus was one of the Seven Sages of Greece, a group of sensible men that were believed to have held wonderful influence over the development of Greek approach and society. The other members of the group were Solon of Athens, Thales of Miletus, Pittacus of Mytilene, Bias of Priene, Chilon of Sparta, and Periander of Corinth.

As a theorist, Cleobulus is recognized for his morals, which were short, succinct sayings that contained a lot of knowledge. A few of his most famous proverbs include "moderation is best in all points," "recognize thyself," and "forethought is the very best ally." These expressions were meant to guide individuals in their every day lives as well as help them live in accordance with factor and virtue.

Cleobulus was additionally a competent poet and is said to have created hymns to the gods and also hymns for the heroes of his city. His poetry was known for its stylish design as well as its capacity to capture the appeal and also majesty of nature.

In addition to his philosophical and poetic pursuits, Cleobulus was additionally an appreciated lawmaker. He is attributed with having actually assisted to establish the democratic government of Lindos and with having played an essential duty in drafting its legislations and also constitution.

Cleobulus was a man of great knowledge and also merit, and his payments to Greek culture as well as philosophy have had an enduring influence. His legacy survives in the several proverbs as well as rhymes that he left, and also he is born in mind as one of the terrific sages of ancient Greece.

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8 Famous quotes by Cleobulus

Small: The middle course is the best
"The middle course is the best"
Small: He who cannot bear misfortune with poise and dignity will never be happy
"He who cannot bear misfortune with poise and dignity will never be happy"
Small: Fame and wealth are fleeting and empty wisdom and virtue endure forever
"Fame and wealth are fleeting and empty; wisdom and virtue endure forever"
Small: A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a great blessing
"A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a great blessing"
Small: Forethought is the best ally
"Forethought is the best ally"
Small: Moderation is best in all things
"Moderation is best in all things"
Small: Learn to bear bravely changes of fortune
"Learn to bear bravely changes of fortune"
Small: Safeguard the health both of body and soul
"Safeguard the health both of body and soul"