DeWitt Clinton Biography

DeWitt Clinton, Politician
BornMarch 2, 1769
Little Britain, Province of New York
DiedFebruary 11, 1828
Albany, New York
CauseNatural causes
Aged58 years
DeWitt Clinton was an American politician and statesman that was born on March 2, 1769, in Little Britain, New York City. He was the 6th governor of New york city as well as a leading advocate for the building of the Erie Canal, which linked the Fantastic Lakes to the Hudson River.

Clinton was the son of James Clinton, a basic in the Continental Army, and Mary DeWitt. He was enlightened at Kingston Academy and later examined regulation in Newburgh, New York. After being admitted to bench in 1790, Clinton practiced legislation in New York City.

Clinton started his political occupation in 1797 when he was appointed to the New York State Assembly. He served in the setting up until 1802 when he was chosen to the U.S. Senate. Clinton offered in the Senate for six years before returning to New York to become mayor of New York City in 1803.

In 1812, Clinton was elected guv of New York and also offered in that placement for a total of seven terms, ending in 1828. Clinton's a lot of notable accomplishment as governor was the building of the Erie Canal. The canal, which was finished in 1825, changed transport in the United States by offering a direct as well as affordable route from the Great Lakes to the East Coast. The canal likewise aided to spur economic development and growth in the Midwest and made New York City the leading commercial center of the nation.

Clinton was likewise a strong advocate for education and also helped to establish the State University of New York. He worked to improve infrastructure by moneying the building of roads as well as bridges, as well as he sustained the growth of the steamboat sector.

Clinton was a leading participant of the Democratic-Republican Party and was significant in nationwide politics. He acted as the celebration's vice governmental candidate in 1812 and 1816, as well as he was a strong supporter of President James Madison during the War of 1812.

Clinton passed away on February 11, 1828, in Albany, New York, at the age of 58. He was buried in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. Clinton's heritage as a politician and statesman remains to be commemorated in New York as well as throughout the United States.

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