John Robert Gregg Biography

BornJune 17, 1867
Monaghan, Ireland
DiedFebruary 23, 1948
New York City, New York, United States
Aged80 years
Early Life as well as Education And Learning
John Robert Gregg was born on June 17, 1867, in Shantonagh, County Monaghan, Ireland. He was the youngest of 5 brother or sisters born to Reverend Robert as well as Mary Elizabeth Gregg. John's dad was a strict, spiritual guy that led his kids to stand out academically. His mother, Mary, a pianist, devoted her time to the wellness and education of the household.

John had to abandon his official education at the age of 11 as a result of a hearing disability, yet he remained to inform himself via self-study. He was a serious visitor with an eager rate of interest in languages, discovering numerous of them through his life, consisting of Greek, Latin, and also Hebrew. He likewise checked out extensively on shorthand writing, as it helped him make note and far better engage with others in spite of his hearing disability.

Gregg Shorthand System
John's attraction with shorthand eventually caused the growth of his own system, which happened referred to as Gregg Shorthand. Presented to the globe in 1888, Gregg Shorthand was developed to be simpler to find out, check out, as well as use than the existing shorthand systems such as Pitman Shorthand. Based upon the simplicity of cursive writing as well as elliptical machine contours, the Gregg Shorthand system came to be popular throughout the United States and other English-speaking nations in a brief period of time.

Professional Achievements
In 1893, John Gregg relocated to the United States, resolving in Chicago. There, he met Alice Rinaker, who turned into one of the very first individuals to find out and also embrace the Gregg System. Alice and also John married in 1894, as well as together they opened up the Gregg School of Shorthand, where Alice acted as among the teachers. Alice was an essential number in the success as well as promotion of the Gregg Shorthand System, as her initial support played a substantial role in its adoption by numerous colleges and also experts.

While staying in Chicago, John began publishing _ Success _, a month-to-month shorthand publication made to promote shorthand writing and deal with those interested in enhancing their shorthand abilities. _ Success _ would ultimately become the _ Gregg Writer _, a preferred magazine that incorporated shorthand learning materials with human interest write-ups as well as light enjoyment.

In 1902, he started the Gregg Publishing Company to release and distribute publications as well as academic materials on the Gregg Shorthand System. John continually improved his system via numerous alterations, with the most popular variation being the 1929 edition, which presented abbreviations for typical words and also easy expressions. For many years, the Gregg Publishing Company increased its offerings to consist of typewriting, bookkeeping, and other business education and learning materials.

Later Life as well as Legacy
John Robert Gregg remained to play an energetic role in the growth and also success of his shorthand system and also the posting firm till his death on February 23, 1948, in New York City. Throughout his life, John Gregg had received numerous honors for his accomplishments, and also he left an abundant tradition through the Gregg Shorthand System, which is still in use today by clerks, journalists, as well as various other specialists.

Gregg Shorthand has actually because been adapted to numerous languages, and also the Gregg Publishing Company (now component of McGraw-Hill) remains a noticeable publisher of organization and also instructional products. The Gregg Shorthand System remains one of the most commonly instructed as well as used shorthand systems worldwide, in big part because of John Gregg's commitment to making shorthand writing easily accessible and efficient for everyone.

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Small: It doesnt use shading, but it does use stroke length variations
"It doesn't use shading, but it does use stroke length variations"
Small: Diphthongs are indicated by combinations of hooks and circles
"Diphthongs are indicated by combinations of hooks and circles"