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Siegfried Lenz, Writer
BornMarch 17, 1926
Lyck (Ełk), East Prussia
Age97 years
Siegfried Lenz is among one of the most popular German writers of the postwar as well as contemporary literary works.

Lenz was the kid of a personalizeds official. His papa died very early and her mommy and also her little girls moved from Lycke, while Siegfried was already of school age, was left with his grandmother. After the battle ended assessment in 1943, he was called up for army service in the Navy. Papers from the Berlin Bundesarchiv show that Lenz belonged to the NSDAP 12 July 1943. Lenz recognize also to this as well as think that he has actually been collectively enlisted without being notified.

Prior To World War II ended he deserted in Denmark as well as was under the flight in Schleswig-Holstein and was caught in British prisoner of war. Below Lenz functioned as an interpreter for a British release payment.

After the battle, Lenz researched Philosophy, English Language and Literature at the University of Hamburg, yet deserted their studies prior to the final test to function as a trainee in the daily paper Die Welt. In the duration 1950 to 1951 he was editor of the paper. Here he satisfied Liselotte (died February 5, 2006) that showed some of his books. They married in 1949.

Siegfried Lenz has actually written twelve stories and a number of collections of narratives, essays, plays as well as acting. He was granted the Goethe Prize in Frankfurt on the 250-anniversary of Goethe's birth.

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Small: One never comes into embarrassment, if one is ready to balance. To ask oneself never in embarrassment,
"One never comes into embarrassment, if one is ready to balance. To ask oneself never in embarrassment, what have you in these decades made"