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Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Photographer
SpouseAnne-Laure Liégeois
BornMarch 13, 1946
Paris, France
Age78 years
Early Life and Education And Learning
Yann Arthus-Bertrand was born on March 13, 1946, in Paris, France. He is the son of fashion jewelry designer Claire Arthus-Bertrand as well as star as well as theater director Jacques Arthus-Bertrand. Yann matured in an artistic setting, where he was exposed to a range of innovative pursuits.

After completing his very early education and learning, Yann examined at the Lycée Buffon in Paris. Even though he was originally meaning to pursue a job in the arts, his love for nature as well as wild animals led him to transform his emphasis. He began researching animal habits and also biology, which laid the structure for his future occupation as a wild animals photographer.

Early Career as well as Establishment as a Photographer
In 1976, Yann Arthus-Bertrand transferred to Kenya with his spouse, Anne, where they researched the behavior of lions in the Maasai Mara book. It was during this moment that he uncovered his passion for photography as a means to document his observations and the elegance of the natural world.

In 1981, Yann returned to France as well as started working as a photographer for different nature as well as wildlife magazines. His job quickly obtained acknowledgment, as he ended up being understood for his special airborne photography method, which involved taking photos from a helicopter or warm air balloon. In 1986, he produced his own digital photography agency called Altitude, which specialized in high-resolution aerial images.

Success with Earth from Above
Yann Arthus-Bertrand's luck was available in 1994 when he commenced his most ambitious task yet - "Earth from Above". This job included catching airborne photographs of the Earth's landscapes, showcasing the appeal and also frailty of our planet. The book, which was published in 1999, became a global bestseller, having actually marketed over 3 million copies worldwide.

"Earth from Above" was likewise transformed into a highly successful event, having actually been showcased in over 120 cities all over the world. The project considerably contributed to raising awareness regarding environmental problems and also the requirement for lasting advancement.

Filmmaking and Environmental Activism
Complying with the success of "Earth from Above", Yann Arthus-Bertrand turned his focus to filmmaking. He established the GoodPlanet Foundation in 2005, which intends to promote environmental education and learning, battle environment adjustment, and lower poverty worldwide. Through this foundation, Yann has actually created several films as well as documentaries concentrated on ecological concerns, such as "6 Billion Others" (2009), "Planet Ocean" (2012), as well as "Human" (2015).

Yann's most significant motion picture success came with the launch of his 2009 documentary, "Home". The movie, which was produced in partnership with Luc Besson and François-Henri Pinault, showcased aerial video footage from over 50 countries, telling the tale of the Earth's condition as well as the necessity to protect our world. "Home" was a huge success, having actually been watched by countless people globally and firing up extensive conversations on climate modification and also sustainability.

Noteworthy Collaborations and Personal Life
Throughout his profession, Yann Arthus-Bertrand has worked together with several noteworthy individuals, consisting of fellow professional photographers, filmmakers, and environmentalists, such as Jane Goodall, Luc Besson, as well as François-Henri Pinault.

Yann married Anne Erwitt in 1969, with whom he has 2 kids, Sarah as well as Benjamin. His love as well as gratitude for nature as well as the setting have actually dramatically influenced his family members, as well as the creative undertakings and also occupations of his children.

Heritage as well as Honors
Yann Arthus-Bertrand has been bestowed numerous honors and also differences throughout his job, consisting of the UN Environment Programme's Global 500 Roll of Honour in 2001, the International Union for Conservation Brandlaureate International Brand Personality Award in 2007, and the National Order of the Legion of Honour in 2009.

Today, Yann Arthus-Bertrand is identified as one of the most significant photographers and also ecologists on the planet. His job has inspired numerous people to appreciate and protect our planet, and also his legacy will most certainly remain to affect future generations.

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Small: One fifth of human kind depend on fish to live. Today now 70 percent of the fish stock are over-exploit
"One fifth of human kind depend on fish to live. Today now 70 percent of the fish stock are over-exploited. According to FAO if we don't change our system of fishing the main sea resources will be gone in 2050. We don't want to believe what we know"
Small: You know the problem, we dont want to believe what we know
"You know the problem, we don't want to believe what we know"