9/11 (2017)

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A group of 5 people find themselves trapped in an elevator in the World Trade Center's North Tower on 9/11. They work together, never giving up hope, to try to escape before the unthinkable happens.

Film Overview
"9/11" is a 2017 action drama movie directed by Martin Guigui, based upon the play "Elevator" composed by Patrick Carson. The movie narrates the terrible occasions of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center through the point of view of five people caught in a North Tower elevator. The cast ensemble consists of distinguished actors such as Charlie Sheen, Gina Gershon, Luis Guzman, Wood Harris, Olga Fonda, and Bruce Davison.

Plot Summary
"9/11" provides an intimate point of view of the unforgettable disaster that shook the United States. The story revolves around 5 people who begin the day as total strangers until fate places them in an elevator in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. These individuals consist of billionaire Jeffrey Cage (Charlie Sheen) and his partner Eve (Gina Gershon), custodian Eddie (Luis Guzman), messenger Michael (Wood Harris), and a young Russian female, Tina (Olga Fonda), who is set to begin a new job in the building.

As they rise, an aircraft pirated by terrorists strikes the tower, subsequently trapping them in the malfunctioning elevator. Amidst towering flames, collapsing floors, and impending death, the group should comply and pool their resources to find a way out prior to it's far too late. Their individual stories, disputes, and feelings interweave within the confined area, producing a ground-level view of the awful occasion.

Efficiency & Reception
"9/11" supplies a raw and enclosed viewpoint of the disastrous occasion, anchored by powerful efficiencies from the leads. Shine and Gershon deliver persuading representations of a couple attempting to mend their stopping working relationship, while Guzman, Harris, and Fonda skillfully browse their characters through fear, seriousness, and anguish.

The production worth is good, efficiently producing a claustrophobic and tense atmosphere. The movie pays attention to information, alternating in between the panic inside the elevator and the mayhem unfolding outside. It makes a commendable effort to humanize the disaster, zeroing in on common people caught in an amazing disaster.

However, "9/11" received combined reviews from critics. While some praised the filmmakers' bold and heartfelt effort to depict a less-explored point of view of the tragedy, others criticized the movie for its viewed exploitative use of such a serious event. The movie was also criticized for its discussion, with some reviewers labeling it as awkward and banal.

"9/11" is a film that intends to provide an individual and intimate view of the awful occasions of September 11, 2001. While the overall execution of the film got combined reviews, the performances of the primary cast, real-time stress, and the encapsulation of human nerve and spirit in the face of a horrible disaster produce an emotional watching experience. The film leaves audiences with a vivid photo of the struggles and truths of the individuals tragically affected on that fateful day. Regardless of the criticisms, "9/11" remains an important film that encapsulates the human ability to increase above adversity, rendering hope, strength, and unity.

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