A Reason to Live (1985)

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When Gus Stewart's wife announces that she wants to divorce him, he starts thinking about committing suicide. His 14-year-old son Alex notices this and desperately tries to prevent him from doing so and to give his father a reason to live.

"A Reason to Live" is a drama movie released by CBS Television in 1985. Directed by Peter Levin and written by Dalene Young, the motion picture informs an effective story about a mom attempting to handle her daughter's death and her choice to pursue her almost-lifeless state.

The story focuses on the character of Rachel Cameron, played by Jill Clayburgh. Rachel is a successful, relatively well-adjusted woman who is jolted out of her perfect world when her 12-year-old daughter, Janie, perishes in a mishap. Flooded with grief, Rachel spirals into despondence leading her to try suicide.

She makes it through the suicide effort however is consequently institutionalized where she discovers herself in the company of other distressed individuals like Floyd, portrayed by Peter Michael Goetz, a farmer who likewise attempted to end his life. She has problem with her therapy sessions, not prepared to fully get involved or share her feelings, and the roadway to healing appears bleak and heavy.

Characters and Performances
Jill Clayburgh's portrayal of Rachel is good as she precisely depicts the anguish and pain of a mourning mom. Peter Michael Goetz, as Floyd, provides a deep understanding of life that helps Rachel slowly browse the waters of her own sorrow. Other characters include Rachel's other half, David, played by Jeffrey DeMunn, their making it through daughter Megan, played by Harley Cross, and the psychiatrist, Dr. Rollins, depicted by Barnard Hughes.

A significant style in the movie is dealing with grief and survival. The movie starts a journey of a grieving mother discovering her way back after almost losing herself in a state of anguish. It reveals both the physical and mental struggle of sorrow and offers us a look of how individuals handle the consequences of losing a liked one. The improvement of Rachel from her state of hopelessness and fear to a stronger and braver lady was infused with psychological moments and awareness.

The television movie was typically well-received with appreciation directed towards Clayburgh's performance. Numerous viewers valued the raw and reasonable portrayal of grief, sorrow, and the procedure of recovery. With its delicate story, it touched upon a delicate topic, yet handled to convey a confident message of resilience and the strength of the human spirit.

"A Reason to Live" is a poignant tale of a mother who loses the most considerable thing in her life, her kid. It offers not just a peek, but a thorough exploration of a mourning mind and the strength required to hold onto life. Though an unsettling story depicting disaster and loss, it leaves you with an empowering concept of nerve and resilience against all chances.

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