An Angel from Texas (1940)

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A pair of slick Broadway producers con a wealthy cowboy into backing their show.

Film Summary
"An Angel from Texas" is a brisk, amusing movie from 1940 directed by Ray Enright, mixing elements of funny and romance. The film includes significant performances from Hollywood stars such as Eddie Albert, Rosemary Lane, Jane Wyman, and Ronald Reagan.

Plot Overview
"An Angel from Texas" informs the story of a small-town lady named Lydia Weston, played by Rosemary Lane, who inherits a substantial amount of money from her recently deceased uncle. She decides to leave her home in Texas and heads to New York City with a desire to end up being a Broadway star, leaving her sweetheart Sam, played by Eddie Albert.

Life in the Big City
In New York, Lydia meets Marty Allen and Henry Wadsworth, depicted by Ronald Reagan and Wayne Morris respectively. Allen is a truthful playwright, whereas Wadsworth is a smooth-talking producer who is always approximately no great. Wadsworth controls Lydia into funding his own program by claiming it will be her huge acting break.

Love Triangle and Complications
On the other hand, Marty becomes taken with Lydia's secretary, Gwen, played by the charming Jane Wyman. The plot thickens when Lydia's boyfriend Sam, against whom she held an animosity when leaving Texas, unexpectedly gets here in New York. Sam seeks to win Lydia back, adding some rivalry to the plot. With funny weaves, Sam and Marty end up being allies in an effort to save Lydia from the machinations of the unethical producer Wadsworth.

Ultimately, life exercises for our heroes and villains. Lydia realizes her genuine enthusiasm lies in her hometown with Sam, regardless of her aspirations for popularity. She returns to Texas, leaving the Broadway dream behind. The film concludes with Lydia and Sam gladly together, and Marty and Gwen headed towards their own love. Successfully showing Wadsworth's real colors, Marty recovers Lydia's investment, conserving her fortune.

"An Angel from Texas" may not be a revolutionary film, however it embodies the glamour, goal and simpleness of classic Hollywood cinema. The narrative focuses around styles of love, ambition, honesty, and the idea of home, loaded into 69 minutes of lovely comedy and love. The efficiencies by the key stars, notably by Jane Wyman and Ronald Reagan, include an unique taste to the film, making it a satisfying experience.

In a nutshell, "An Angel from Texas", while uncomplicated in its plot, offers a wonderful cinematic experience. It serves as a sentimental recall to the golden era of Hollywood, underlined with warm, lovable characters, a dash of drama, comedy, and an ultimately gratifying resolution. Mandatory for classic motion picture enthusiasts, it's a basic, delightful escape into the cinematically glamorized 1940 New York and a sweet, uncomplicated depiction of love and ambition.

Top Cast

  • Eddie Albert (small)
    Eddie Albert
    Peter Coleman
  • Rosemary Lane (small)
    Rosemary Lane
    Lydia Weston
  • Wayne Morris (small)
    Wayne Morris
    Mac McClure
  • Jane Wyman (small)
    Jane Wyman
    Marge Allen
  • Ronald Reagan (small)
    Ronald Reagan
    Marty Allen
  • Ruth Terry (small)
    Ruth Terry
    Valerie Blayne
  • John Litel (small)
    John Litel
  • Hobart Cavanaugh (small)
    Hobart Cavanaugh
    Mr. Robelink
  • Ann Shoemaker (small)
    Ann Shoemaker
    Addie Lou Coleman
  • Tom Kennedy (small)
    Tom Kennedy
  • George Irving (small)
    George Irving
    Actor on Donkey in the Play