Area 57 (2007)

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A comedy about the employees for the U.S. government, who work in a remote facility in the Nevada desert, which houses an alien creature.

Film Introduction
"Area 57" is a 2007 American science fiction funny film directed by Dean Parisot and composed by Craig Sweeny. The movie centers on the secret and conspiracy around Area 51, the top-secret United States Government center reported to house aliens and UFOs.

The plot revolves around Isaac (Matthew Lillard), a dazzling and sardonic Washington bureaucrat, who is sent to Area 57, an unknown federal government screening center, to investigate accusations of unusual activity going on there. On arrival, he discovers an alien named Paul (played by Paul Reubens), a sweet, shy extraterrestrial who has lived at the base for more than 40 years, but who Isaac soon finds has an acerbic wit and a sharp temper.

The movie mainly concentrates on the friendship that establishes between Isaac and Paul despite their distinctions. It likewise portrays Isaac's battles to keep Paul a secret from the spying eyes of the administrative superiors, including then-Colonel Steven Isaac (Bruce McGill).

"Area 57" is a mix of funny and sci-fi that uses a light-hearted twist on the Area 51 conspiracy theories. The primary style of the film revolves around friendship, approval, and the struggle to do the best thing in the face of pressure and self-interest. It's an expedition of the human condition, as Isaac grapples with the ethical decisions of maintaining Paul's secrecy for his safety while juggling his own profession and individual interest.

Characters and Performances
Matthew Lillard's performance as Isaac is one of the movie's highlights, where he portrays the character's dry wit and sarcasm convincingly. Paul Reubens, best understood for his function as PeeWee Herman, gives life to Paul, the extraterrestrial, with comical timing and a variety of feelings.

Bruce McGill, playing the function of Colonel Steven Isaac, provides a noteworthy performance as the callous bureaucrat, thus elevating the motion picture's stress while offering a counterpoint to Isaac's more understanding character.

Critical Reception
"Area 57" was released in 2007; however, it did not receive much attention from critics and audiences, with many citing it as an appealing concept that fell short in execution. In spite of this, the movie was valued for its humor and distinct take on the myths surrounding Area 51, making it a fun expect sci-fi and funny enthusiasts. Moreover, the performances of Lillard and Reubens have actually been praised for their comical connection and their capability to bring the film.

In conclusion, "Area 57" is an entertaining science fiction comedy that utilizes the mystique of Area 51 and alien conspiracy theories as a background for a story about relationship and moral battle. Regardless of getting combined evaluations, the film has its redeeming qualities through performances of Matthew Lillard and Paul Reubens, who form an unforeseen bond in a world filled with secret and secrecy.

Top Cast

  • Paul Reubens (small)
    Paul Reubens
    The Alien
  • Kelly Hu (small)
    Kelly Hu
    Dr. Annabelle Fermi
  • Jack Hallett (small)
    Jack Hallett
    Dr. Duxler
  • Ravi Kapoor
    Dr. Marc Allen
  • Matthew Lillard (small)
    Matthew Lillard
    Col. Steven Isaac
  • Jane Lynch (small)
    Jane Lynch
    Irene Maloof
  • Bruce McGill (small)
    Bruce McGill
    Gen. Keller