Asesinato en El Hormiguero Express (2018)

We begin the 13th season with a new movie filled with great star cameos. In “Asesinato en el Hormiguero Express”, Marron, Trancas & Barrancas will try to solve the mystery of Pablo Motos’ disappearing.

The 2018 movie "Asesinato en El Hormiguero Express" is a fascinating blend of funny, suspense, and thriller, directed by among the market's popular directors, James Kent. The movie includes remarkable efficiencies from an equally skilled ensemble cast that includes the likes of Pablo Motos, Jorge Ventosa, and numerous others. The film is a strategic and well-crafted representation of an engaging murder secret that occurs within a distinct situation, a television show.

Plot Summary
The film begins with a regular episode of the popular television program entitled "El Hormiguero", shot in a Madrid suburban area within a lovely country house. The show, understood for its special format of combining home entertainment and interviews with visitors, takes an unforeseen turn when among the team members, a widely known character in the program, is discovered dead in strange situations.

The initial perception of the situation being an unintentional death soon takes a twist when it is revealed that the unexpected demise was in truth an act of murder. Panic and worry grip everyone present, offering a historic rely on the television episode being tape-recorded. With the murder occurring in a space full of electronic cameras, lights, and a full production team, the scene ends up being a chaotic phenomenon and a fascinating murder mystery.

Examination and Suspense
The characters, knotted in the unprecedented occasion, embark on a mission to unwind the unidentified and mysterious villain who committed the crime. In the middle of the quest to solve the murder case, a cops investigator is brought into the scene, including another intriguing twist to the scene. The detective brings his scrupulous investigative abilities to the case and further improves the thriller, setting the facility for a memorable thriller experience.

The film magnificently catches the raw and instinctual human actions to fear and suspicion while clarifying the appealing information of an enigmatic murderer prowling amongst the characters. All crew members become suspects, and each character's history and habits is scrutinized, increasing the stress and revealing concealed secrets.

In the end, the film leaves the audience fascinated with survival as the key theme, in the middle of discovering the unexpected identity of the killer. The revelation of the murderer is accompanied by a stunning twist, making the climax of the motion picture tense and unexpected.

The film is notably a successful combine of a conventional murder secret with the modern setting of a live television program. "Asesinato en El Hormiguero Express" ends on an alluring note, subtly taunting the audience with the complexity of the human psyche.

Last Thoughts
"Asesinato en El Hormiguero Express" is an intriguing piece of movie theater. In spite of its apparent focus on thriller, it marks a clear shift from the predictable to the unanticipated, pushing the boundaries of the murder secret category. Its special pairing of thriller and comedy, makes it a noteworthy movie in both genres. The director's fantastic execution successfully uses the ensemble cast, making this movie a must-watch for thriller and thriller movie fans. Equally, the film's plot, driven by unpredictability, suspicion and intrigue, results in a cat-and-mouse play in between the characters, increasing the total suspense, making it a memorable cinematic experience.

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