Becoming Dick (2000)

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Story of a struggling New York actor who discovers the formula for success and suddenly finds himself richer and more famous than he could have imagined.

"Becoming Dick" is a comedy drama residing in television functions that aired in 2000. Directed by Bob Saget, the story follows a struggling actor, Edward, portrayed by Harland Williams, who finds himself living a fictional life as a ruthless legal representative named Dick - a character from the script of a television show he was declined from.

Plot Development
Edward, an enthusiastic but luckless actor, gets declined from playing the character Dick, who is notorious for his callous and harsh persona in a television program. Edward's life quickly synchronizes with the scripted world of Dick when he is incorrect for a real-life attorney after using a fit to a party, similar to the character 'Dick' he was declined for.

Edward gets carried away with this new identity and begins practicing law, offering his services to a rich woman who is fighting a high-stakes divorce. While he delights in the elegant way of life and status that includes being Dick, he runs the risk of the genuine Edward, who is compassionate with a natural flair for humor.

Character Transformation
Throughout the movie, it is appealing to see Edward's improvement into the wicked persona of Dick. Despite the fact that he at first battles with the terrible nature of Dick, the power and success that includes it lure Edward too much to get away. He begins to enjoy the benefits of his newly found truth more than his real, having a hard time life as an enthusiastic star, losing touch with his original persona with time.

Disputes and Resolution
The struggle between ideal and incorrect appears throughout "Becoming Dick". Edward's intentions were not initially bad, but he gets embroiled in the appeal of success, success he never touched in his reality as an actor. The movie's climax happens when Edward's deceitful ways will be exposed, and he needs to decide between continuing his exterior or returning to his having a hard time however authentic life.

The conflict reaches its peak when Edward need to represent his rich client in the court versus a shrewd attorney. As he has a hard time to rise to the task, the fact about his average legal abilities and his impersonation inevitably unravels. Nevertheless, instead of damning him to a life of torment, this jarring event forces Edward to confront his double life and strip off the decadent 'Dick' persona.

In the end, Edward is gracefully conserved by the woman he was impersonating a legal representative for. She expresses her understanding about Edward's real identity the whole time and affection for his natural wit and sense of humor. The once glamorous deceptiveness soon leads him back to his reality, nevertheless, with restored self-confidence and much better understanding about where his passion lies.

"Becoming Dick" is an interesting journey of a man who let his desires for success lead him into an entangled deceptiveness. The film is a creative reflection of the age-old dispute between rights versus wrongs, personality versus person, and reality versus facades. Its dry sense of humor and modern-day approach to storytelling cements its status as a comedy drama that's worth investing an afternoon in.

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