Bing Crosby's Sun Valley Christmas Show (1973)

Bing Crosby's Sun Valley Christmas Show Poster

Bing's 1973 primetime Christmas special from NBC, with his family and guest stars.

"Bing Crosby's Sun Valley Christmas Show", launched in 1973, is a Christmas special television-show hosted by the renowned crooner Bing Crosby. The program featured Crosby along with his partner Kathryn, their three children, and unique guest stars such as the distinguished singers Jack Wild and Connie Stevens. Its setting in the spectacular winter scene of Idaho's Sun Valley resort included a stunning backdrop to this holiday unique.

Crosby opens the program with a heartfelt performance of 'White Christmas', probably his most well-known holiday tune. This tone-setting efficiency records the audience's attention and sets the stage for numerous joyful efficiencies by renowned singers Jack Wild and Connie Stevens. They each provide engaging performances of Christmas requirements that match Crosby's timeless crooning.

Family Involvement
An unique feature of "Bing Crosby's Sun Valley Christmas Show" is the participation of Crosby's own family. His partner, Kathryn, and their three children, Harry, Mary, and Nathaniel also participate in the musical efficiencies. One key emphasize is their cumulative performance where the family vocalists harmonize with Bing to give a captivating and heart-warming rendition of 'Silent Night'. This family participation produces a more intimate and homely feel, enhancing the Christmas state of mind of the show.

Comedy Sketches
The program includes not just musical performances but comedy sketches also, supplying a well-rounded joyful home entertainment. Crosby shares a hilarious sketch with vocalist Connie Stevens, which breaks up the musical efficiencies and includes levity to the show. The humor, combined with the warm familial elements and gorgeous music, brings the spirit of the holiday season to the audience in a delightful way.

Snowboarding Segments
The Sun Valley setting is not only visually fascinating, however it also offers the chance for some fun skiing segments. Crosby and his family are seen enjoying the snowy slopes of Sun Valley, which includes a distinct twist to the Christmas special-- blending conventional holiday components with the pleasure of outside winter activities.

'Bing Crosby's Sun Valley Christmas Show' concludes on a high note, as Crosby and all his visitors return to the stage for a grand finale. The show finishes up with Bing Crosby and his family singing 'Jingle Bells', while all the visitor stars participate this uplifting vacation cheer, leaving the audience in a pleased joyful spirit.

To sum up, "Bing Crosby's Sun Valley Christmas Show" is an unforgettable and intimate blend of extraordinary music, funny, and family involvement, set versus a lovely snowy backdrop, it showcases not only Crosby's talent however the appeal of holiday togetherness and event. Despite airing in 1973, the show still resonates with viewers today as it completely encapsulates the heat, happiness, and elegance of the Christmas season.

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