Born and Missing (2017)

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A week after she gives birth, Ashley dies in a car crash and her newborn goes missing. Her husband Brian fears that there is something more devious behind the accident.

Movie Summary
"Born and Missing" is a 2017 mystery thriller movie directed by Michael Feifer and stars Kaitlyn Black, Robert Adamson, and Alexandra Paul. The movie focuses around the styles of complex family relationships, individual deceit, child kidnapping, and the quest for truth.

Plot Summary
The film focuses on the life of the central character, Caitlyn Conner, a young married legal representative portrayed by Kaitlyn Black. One day, she discovers a puzzling voice mail from her sister stating that she has given birth to an infant woman named Lily. Nevertheless, when Caitlyn contacts her mom, she is puzzled as her mom verifies that her sister never ever had a child.

Ignoring her mother's words, Caitlyn triggers on an unrelenting search to find her niece against her family's will. In this odyssey of reality, she experiences a series of stunning tricks about her household. Caitlyn's journey ultimately deciphers the public and private lives of her family, leading to surprising discoveries about fake identities, private affairs, and even murder.

Cast Performances
Kaitlyn Black plays a central role very convincingly, illustrating Caitlyn's desperation, and sheer determination to find the fact about her sibling's supposed pregnancy. Black's display of emotional sincerity and large decision becomes the heart of the motion picture. Other significant efficiencies include those by Robert Adamson, who wonderfully portrays the character of Matthew Neil, and Alexandra Paul, who convincingly embodies the character of Carol.

Key Themes
"Born and Missing" discuss the styles of secrecy, facade, and deceptiveness in households, recording the stress between individual and familial responsibilities. These styles are expertly weaved into the narrative, including depth to the suspense plot. The movie also checks out the depths to which people can go to hide truths and how a single revelation can change a person's entire life.

Normally, "Born and Missing" received combined reviews. While some applaud the plot's suspense element and the acting performances, particularly Black's, others criticize it for its predictability. The film is applauded for efficiently maintaining suspense and truly unexpected viewers with many of its twists. It also got recognition for its cinematography and production design. Nevertheless, some audiences found the plot twists to be somewhat expected and felt that the movie might have benefitted from a more powerful development of supporting characters.

"Born and Missing" stands as an appealing and suspenseful drama that captivates audiences with its enthralling mystery, strong efficiencies, and the central theme of deceit within a family. Caitlyn's pressing mission for the fact works as the emotional backbone of the movie, driving the story forward with intensity and thriller. Whether audiences predict the twists or are truly shocked by them, the film unquestionably offers an interesting look for those thinking about suspenseful household dramas.

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