Dark Places (1973)

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A scheming couple plot to conceal a hidden cache of stolen money from its rightful owner. The only problem is that the house they plan to hide it in is haunted.

Film Summary
"Dark Places" is a British scary film released in 1973. Directed by Don Sharp, the movie features notable actors such as Christopher Lee, Joan Collins, and Herbert Lom in leading functions.

The movie follows the story of a rich eccentric man called Dr. Mandeville, played by Christopher Lee, who is obsessed with checking out the dark and supernatural. He is especially interested in a specific estate with a dark history, the titular 'Dark Places', called Ashurst. He believes in the mansion's remaining connection with the spiritual world due to numerous premature deaths of its previous owners.

Main Characters
Dr. Mandeville learns more about a prisoner, Edward Foster, represented by Robert Hardy, who is desperate to offer the mansion to be free from his psychological hospital costs. Mandeville chooses to acquire the location from him. Joan Collins plays the function of Sarah Mandeville, the understanding however worried wife of Dr. Mandeville, who accompanies her partner to please his curious obsession. Herbert Lom enacts the character of Andrew Marr, a previous owner of the estate who comes back inexplicably when the Mandevilles move to Ashurst.

Haunting Mystery
Upon the Mandevilles' arrival at Ashurst, they begin experiencing extraordinary events. Dr. Mandeville discovers hidden household tricks concerning the inopportune death of three heirs to the estate. The old housemaid, who knew Marr when she was young, guides Mandeville into the much deeper truths of the mansion, however quickly she is discovered dead.

Unveiling the Dark Secrets
The interest of Dr. Mandeville peaks, leading him closer to the dark fact about the mansion's past. His peace of mind is questioned as he believes the old family curse is reviewing them through the spirit of Andrew Marr, who is not really dead but hiding since an unfortunate fire in the estate. Convinced that Marr possesses the trick to immortality, Mandeville looks for to acquire this trick for himself.

The climax of the movie takes a spine-chilling turn when Dr. Mandeville faces Marr. The dreadful truth is revealed - Marr wasn't immortal however protected his life by carrying out the ritual of 3 ceremonial murders. He now means to compromise Dr. Mandeville as a victim to extend his life. However, Marr could not complete the ritual as Sarah disrupts and her actions lead to Marr's death.

Concluding the Horror
The movie concludes with Mandeville and Sarah being saved from the mansion, leaving the scaries of the 'Dark Places'. The movie ends on a chilling note, recommending that the dark secrets and horror might still be remaining behind the cursed limits of Ashurst mansion.

"Dark Places", understood for its timelessly chilling scary and gripping storyline, did not amass substantial business success upon its initial release. Regardless of the fundamental 70s horror ambiance and prominent cast, it wasn't able to make a considerable impact on the audience at the time. However, for many years, the film has actually seen a renewal of interest and gratitude amongst timeless horror movie enthusiasts, particularly for its reliable and sentimental environment, creative plot twists, and memorable performances.

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