Doe (2018)

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John is a brilliant linguistic scientist with a loving wife and daughter but with a massive gap in his life. Eight years ago, he turned up out of nowhere, with no memories except a recurring dream. He is sent tumbling down the proverbial rabbit hole after meeting a man that shares a similar condition and learning that there are more like him, all amnesiacs with extraordinary abilities. He convinces his brother-in-law, private investigator Carl, to help him uncover his true identity before his past can rise up to destroy him and his family.

Film Overview
"Doe" is a 2018 mystery-thriller directed by Justin Foia and starring Timothy Davis, Tatyana Ali, and Matthew St. Patrick. The movie focuses on a male who gets up without any memory of himself but experiences flashes of other individuals's memories, leading him to discover he belongs to a disturbing government task. It is a thought-provoking take on individuality and the concept of nature versus support.

Plot Summary
The story begins when an amnesiac named John Doe, depicted by Timothy Davis, wakes up in the desert without any hint who he is or how he got there. He begins experiencing flashes of memories that don't belong to him and finds he has huge understanding in numerous fields like foreign languages, mathematics, and science. These abilities attract the attention of the cops who presumes him to be involved in a string of murders.

In search of answers about his origin, John finds help from a psychology teacher, Dr. Maria Hartman, played by Tatyana Ali. Through hypnotherapy, they delve into the memories and skills embedded in his mind which lead them to a mysterious corporate entity affiliated with a federal government agency. They discover that John is a product of an experiment called "Project DOE", where he is implanted with skills, abilities, and memories of multiple individuals, making him a superhuman hybrid.

Key Themes and Symbols
"Doe" explores basic concerns of humanity, personal identity, and the idea of behavior being influenced either by nature or support. As John's memories and capabilities are not his own, he is forced to concern who he really is. The idea of the Doe, typically used to refer to anonymous or unknown persons, functions as a sign for John's character and the central style of the movie.

The Climax and Conclusion
As the movie advances, John and Dr. Hartman find that his implanted memories may contain important proof to resolve the murder cases he is believed of. In the climax, John's capability to outsmart the corrupt officials exploiting him is tested. With Hartman's support, he confronts the manipulative board director of Project DOE, who plans to erase his existence and cover up the job.

Paradoxically, John's identity crisis is what ensures his survival. Using the varied abilities and understanding inherited from several individuals, he successfully thwarts the antagonist's strategies. The film concludes with a bittersweet resolution. Though he can never ever regain his original identity, John accepts his new construct self and uses his abilities to counter corruption, posing the philosophical concern: are we just the sum of our experiences or exists a core nature that defines us?

"Doe" utilizes the thriller genre to make us ponder deep existential questions about the essence of human identity, making it a distinctively impactful cinematic experience.

Top Cast

  • Timothy Davis (small)
    Timothy Davis
    John Hutton
  • Tatyana Ali (small)
    Tatyana Ali
    Rachel Hutton
  • Mathew St. Patrick (small)
    Mathew St. Patrick
  • Aaron Farb (small)
    Aaron Farb
  • Mira Sorvino (small)
    Mira Sorvino
    The Executive
  • Anne Leighton (small)
    Anne Leighton
  • Faithe Herman (small)
    Faithe Herman
    Jordan Hutton
  • Stacey Oristano (small)
    Stacey Oristano
  • Sharon Houston
    Radio Host
  • Tony Pasqualini (small)
    Tony Pasqualini
    Professor Graves
  • Debra Christofferson (small)
    Debra Christofferson