Hollywood Chinese (2007)

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Hollywood Chinese is a captivating look at cinema history through the lens of the Chinese American experience. Directed by triple Sundance award-winning filmmaker, Arthur Dong, this documentary is a voyage through a century of cinematic delights, intrigues and treasures. It weaves together a wondrous portrait of actors, directors, writers, and movie icons who have defined American feature films, from the silent era to the current new wave of Asian American cinema. At once entertaining and enlightening, Hollywood Chinese reveals long-untold stories behind the Asian faces that have graced the silver screen, and weaves a rich and complicated tapestry, one marked by unforgettable performances and groundbreaking films, but also by a tangled history of race and representation.

"Hollywood Chinese" is a 2007 documentary film directed by Arthur Dong. The film looks into the portrayal of the Chinese in American movie industry from the quiet era previously, taking a look at the influence, contributions, and battles of Chinese and Chinese-American stars and filmmakers in Hollywood.

Content and Style
The documentary features interviews of notable Chinese and Chinese-American actors, authors, and directors, such as Ang Lee, B.D. Wong, and Nancy Kwan, to name a few. It adds to the conversation through clips from more than 100 movies showcasing circumstances of Chinese representation, from stereotyped depictions to groundbreaking efficiencies and productions.

The movie is a well-crafted juxtaposition of classic Hollywood films, exceptional interviews, stills, and narrative. It strolls the audience through various historical and social contexts that influenced the representation and involvement of Chinese individuals in the Hollywood world, from numerous prejudiced practices, stereotyping to advancement efficiencies and transformative stories.

Underlying Themes
"Hollywood Chinese" expertly utilizes the power of cinema to reveal and challenge stereotypes while uncovering the hidden and obscured stories of Chinese individuals in Hollywood. It highlights on the deep-seated concerns of race representation in American movie theater and the difficulties faced by minority groups, such as making use of yellowface, where white actors were made-up to look like Chinese characters.

The film also highlights how Chinese artists have actually struggled and increased above these racial restrictions, pushing borders and crafting prominent stories that defy these stereotypes. Filmmaker Ang Lee, for instance, demonstrates this by winning an Academy award for his directorial endeavor, "Brokeback Mountain".

Impact and Reception
"Hollywood Chinese" serves to increase awareness of the progressing and often distressed history of the Chinese in Hollywood. Critics hailed the documentary for its engaging storytelling and multi-faceted investigation of Chinese representation in cinema. It efficiently uncovered less known aspects of cinematic history, including bigotry, fetishization, and marginalization dealt with by the Chinese, hence firing up a conversation about racial representation, stereotyping and the need for variety in Hollywood.

"Hollywood Chinese" is a historic expedition of Chinese representation in Hollywood from the beginning of the movie industry to contemporary movie theater. It, hence, incites introspection into the nature of racial representation in the media, the significance of truthful narratives and the need for real variety. Director Dong, utilizing extensive interviews, cinema clips, and narration provides the unknown stories of Chinese in Hollywood, celebrating their contributions while also highlighting the systemic discrimination dealt with by them throughout the years. It stands as an engaging require reflection on modern-day Hollywood's inclusivity and diversity.

Top Cast

  • Turhan Bey (small)
    Turhan Bey
  • Joan Chen (small)
    Joan Chen
  • Tsai Chin (small)
    Tsai Chin
  • Stephen Gong
  • James Hong (small)
    James Hong
  • David Henry Hwang (small)
    David Henry Hwang
  • Nancy Kwan (small)
    Nancy Kwan
  • Christopher Lee (small)
    Christopher Lee
  • Ang Lee (small)
    Ang Lee
  • James Leong Jr.
  • Justin Lin (small)
    Justin Lin