How to Commit Marriage (1969)

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A young couple decide to live together and they wind up having a baby. They decide they should give the baby up for adoption. The baby's Mother's parents wind up adopting the baby using a fake name.

Film Overview
"How to Commit Marriage" is a 1969 comedy-drama movie directed by Norman Panama. The film includes a rich ensemble cast, consisting of Bob Hope, Jackie Gleason, Jane Wyman, Leslie Nielsen, and Tina Louise. The motion picture is a traditional illustration of the conflicts and battles of everyday relationships with a funny twist.

The plot of "How to Commit Marriage" revolves around the lives of two middle-aged couples, the Bakers (Bob Hope and Jane Wyman) and the Hoffmans (Jackie Gleason and Tina Louise). The Bakers are the parents to a young woman named Donna who prepares to marry David, the boy of the Hoffmans. Nevertheless, the twist in the story emerges when both couples decide to divorce around the exact same time whilst their kids are preparing to wed.

. Marriage, Divorce and A Guru
Instead of separating their children's marital relationship, the Bakers choose to keep their divorce a secret. Concurrently, the Hoffmans openly reveal their intention to divorce and live a single life. The Hoffmans, particularly David's father Frank, start following a strange self-help guru named The Baba Ziba (Leslie Nielsen). Getting extensive impact over Frank, Baba encourages him to embrace a girl to prevent her from being deported. The story takes comical turns with the different characters' efforts to keep secrets, get used to changing characteristics, and handle the eccentricities of Baba Ziba.

Music, Adoption and Twist
A significant portion of the film includes the young couple's journey in the music industry, as they form a rock band to avoid the complicated marital problems of their parents. On the other hand, Phil and Elaine Baker, seeking vengeance versus their future ex-spouses, plot to adopt the exact same woman Frank Hoffman has adopted.

In the climax, Donna and David choose to abandon the concept of marriage and rather choose to cohabit without tying the knot. This decision shocks their parents enough to reevaluate their own relationships. Both the couples who were eager to divorce each other understand the worth of their particular marriages.

"How to Commit Marriage" is a rom-com, which through comical impacts, explores numerous elements of relationships like the intricacies of marital relationship, the battles of divorce, the skepticism towards extracurricular relations, and the curiosity about new-age lifestyles. The movie, with its star-studded cast, catches the era's changing social standards pertaining to marital relationship and relationships, making it a classic watch for numerous. In spite of combined reviews from critics, the motion picture is still appreciated as a captivating product of its time, encapsulating the age's essence neatly.

In essence, this film is an amusing and light-hearted expedition of the ever-evolving characteristics of relationships and its effects on a more youthful generation. It provides an amusing and satirical take a look at those challenging transitions in family life and love. Whether you consider it ahead of its time or reflective of its times, "How to Commit Marriage" stands out as a thought-provoking and amusing movie, providing more than just chuckles.

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