It's a Disaster (2013)

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Four couples meet for Sunday brunch only to discover they are stuck in a house together as the world may be about to end.

"It's a Disaster" is a 2013 American black comedy film directed by Todd Berger. The film stars Julia Stiles, David Cross, America Ferrera, and an ensemble cast. The plot concentrates on four couples who gather for a Sunday breakfast, only to discover themselves in the midst of an apocalyptic disaster.

The movie begins with the introduction of 8 pals, 4 couples, who frequently satisfy for a Sunday brunch. Tracy (Julia Stiles) brings her brand-new boyfriend, Glenn (David Cross), to fulfill her good friends for the very first time. The other couples include Emma and Pete, a married couple stuck in a bleak, struggling marriage; Buck and Lexi, a pair in an open relationship; and Hedy and Shane, who have been engaged for a significantly long period of time. The breakfast begins with normal pleasantries till a series of strange, unnerving occasions start to unfold.

The Disaster Unfolds
The first tip of the upcoming disaster arrives when the host couple is not able to reach anybody outside their home. After a couple of their buddies arrive late, wearing hazmat fits, they lastly discover that filthy bombs have been detonated downtown, and they are locked in to wait on their fate. While the tainted air sneaks into their home, an eerie calm rests over the friends.

Internal Conflicts
After the stunning discovery, simmering tensions among the group emerged, against the backdrop of the approaching apocalypse. Tracy is unexpectedly uncertain whether Glenn is her perfect mate, Emma and Pete's marital relationship appears more doomed, Hedy questions her dedication to Shane, and Buck and Lexi's liberal relationship is tested. These internal disputes and has a hard time paradoxically mirror the external catastrophe they are dealing with.

The Climax
The group struggles to figure the best survival strategy, while likewise handling their individual problems. A surprise twist is included the end; the late arrivals who informed them about the catastrophe end up being part of a suicide cult. They welcomed the others over to spent their last hours together. The group recognizes they've been locked in purposefully. In spite of this revelation, they attempt to make the most of the dire circumstance.

"It's a Disaster" is more of a character exploration of people in severe circumstances, rather than a stereotyped disaster flick. It wonderfully observes human relationships, quirks, and habits when faced with upcoming doom. Regardless of its dark styles, the comical undertone of the plot supplies an appealing watch.

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