Larceny, Inc. (1942)

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Three ex-cons buy a luggage shop to tunnel into the bank vault next door. But despite all they can do, the shop prospers...

Film Introduction
"Larceny, Inc". is a classic 1942 Warner Brothers comedy movie directed by Lloyd Bacon. This amusing black-and-white movie functions well-renowned actors, Edward G. Robinson, Jane Wyman, Broderick Crawford, and Jack Carson. Based upon a play called "The Night Before Christmas" by Laura Perelman and S.J Perelman, the screenplay by Everett Freeman and Edwin Gilbert sees Robinson venture into funny after a series of gangster roles.

Plot Summary
The plot of "Larceny, Inc". revolves around 'Pressure' Maxwell, an ex-convict played by Edward G. Robinson. After serving his jail term, Maxwell chooses not to go back to his former criminal way of life and to instead lead a truthful life. He tries to raise funds to buy a canine track with his pals, Jug (Broderick Crawford) and Weepy (Edward Brophy), with whom he served in prison.

Not able to gather the required cash by conventional methods, the trio selects a quick-money plan. They decide to purchase a baggage store adjacent to a bank, meaning to tunnel from the store's basement into the bank's vault. However, they get caught up in the everyday operations of the luggage store and all of a sudden, the shop ends up being a growing company.

Dispute and Resolution
As the business flourishes, problems develop, deterring the 3 men from continuing with their initial plan. Maxwell gets knotted in a romantic storyline with a wise and assertive female, Denny Costello (Jane Wyman), who is drawn in to his expected reformation. Due to his success, Maxwell's former gangster associates, led by Leo Dexter (Anthony Quinn), begin threatening him, requiring him to perform the preliminary bank break-in plan.

Simply as the gang is about to be discovered tunneling into the bank, they are rescued by an unanticipated ally, their company in the luggage shop, Homer (Harry Davenport). Homer, thinking they remain in there to look for shelter from an air raid, misdirects the police officers that come examining odd sounds.

After a series of amusing weaves, the film ends on a high, with a final climactic scene where the trio face off versus the gang led by Leo. In the ending, the criminals utilize a tank to burglarize the bank, however the trio, Denny, and the town's folks prevent their break-in in a funny and chaotic brawl. At the end of the film, the trio have a change of heart and decide to adhere to their baggage company, letting go of their criminal past completely.

"Larceny, Inc". stands out as a special crime-comedy movie of the 1940s. The film extends the funny of mistakes genre with irony, as the ex-convicts who plan an enormous break-in end up being legal residents with a successful organization. The movie also gives Robinson an opportunity to display his comic timing after numerous iconic gangster roles. The humor, integrated with the classic appeal of early 40s cinema, makes "Larceny, Inc". a remarkable and appealing movie. Despite its age, it's an ageless classic that is still enjoyed decades later on.

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