Lily for President? (1982)

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Comedian Lily Tomlin stars in this comical farce which deals with her experiences running for the office of President of the United States.

The Film Plot
"Lily for President?" is a satirical funny film aired in 1982 by CBS, directed by Tom Trbovich and gazing the popular American starlet Lily Tomlin. The movie follows the funny sketch character of Tomlin, Tess Carlisle. Tess, a middle-aged homemaker, participates in the political fray all of a sudden and nearly hilariously pursues the presidency of the United States.

The movie begins with the introduction of Tess Carlisle. Tess is a common homemaker suffering from middle-age dullness and dissatisfaction with her uneventful life. Struggling with sensations of insignificance in a world where males control in positions of power, Tess decides to break free from her domestic limits and run for the workplace of the president. This decision surprises her family and friends.

Campaign Trail
The project path consists of several comical sketches representing the various phases and occasions in a typical election project. Tess, ignorant yet unaware of the obstacles of running for such a high public workplace, approaches every circumstance with genuine optimism and a touch of humor, leading to a number of comedic episodes. From campaign rallies and public speeches to TV interviews and heated arguments, Tess includes her unique flavor to every occasion, warming the hearts of the audience and winning their affection.

Obstacles and Triumph
As expected, Tess faces a multitude of obstacles on her journey to the presidency. She fights versus societal expectations, personal doubts, and stiff competition from more skilled and callous prospects. In spite of these barriers, Tess remains undeterred and stays real to her objective, providing her messages of hope, redemption, and a fair America with genuineness and humor.

The Climax
The climax of the film comes when Tess is seen as a strong competitor for the presidency, defying all expectations. Nevertheless, Tess faces a crucial moment when challenged with losing her integrity in order to win the election. Regardless of the temptation, Tess chooses to stay real to herself, enhancing her perfects of sincerity and fairness, declining to stoop to desperation or deceit.

"Lily for President?" is not just a film about a comical character running for president. It acts as a commentary on different societal and cultural concerns dealt with in the real world, most significantly sexism and the threats of political corruption. The movie ends on an open note, leaving the audience to ponder whether Tess won the election, reinforcing that the real victory depends on remaining true to one's convictions and preserving integrity above all else.

Scrutinization and Impact
Regardless of its comedic technique, "Lily for President?" functions as a subtle review of a society where ambitious females typically found themselves relegated to the sidelines. The film's humor adds lightness to the dark realities of politics, making it accessible to a broad audience while motivating them to believe critically about the status quo. Overall, "Lily for President?" leaves a lasting impact as a film that highlights the value of individual stability, the power of conviction, and the significance of staying true to oneself.

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