Love Is All There Is (1996)

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The Malacicis, a hard-working Italian family recently immigrated from Florence, open a fancy restaurant in the Bronx, N.Y., drawing the ire of another clan. Mike and Sadie Capomezzo, equally hard-working Sicilian caterers from the area, find they cannot stand Piero and Maria Malacici. But things get complicated when the Malacicis' daughter, Gina, and the Capomezzos' son, Rosario, fall in love.

"Love is All There Is" is a 1996 romantic comedy-drama directed by Joseph Bologna and Renée Taylor, featuring an ensemble cast consisting of Lainie Kazan, Joseph Bologna, Barbara Carrera, Paul Sorvino, Angelina Jolie, and more. The film is embeded in the Bronx and utilizes a contemporary setting and characters to recreate Romeo and Juliet's timeless love story.

Plot Summary
The movie story revolves around two rival Italian households, the Malacicis and the Cappamezzas, who run completing catering businesses. The Malacicis, owned by Maria and Piero, serve upscale food, while the Cappamezzas, owned by Mona and Frank, focus on working-class Italian fare.

The dispute between the households intensifies when they are cast as the Capulets and Montagues in a community production of Romeo and Juliet. All of a sudden, the boy of the Malacicis, Rosario (Nathaniel Marston), and the daughter of the Cappamezzas, Gina (Angelina Jolie), are cast in the leading roles of Romeo and Juliet, respectively. The two, against all odds, fall in love much to the annoyance of their feuding families.

Climax and Conflict
The similarities to the Shakespearean tragedy continue as Rosario and Gina attempt to keep their love a trick from their families, withstanding threats and interference from both sets of moms and dads. The romantic relationship between the two young leads forms the main focus of the film. At the same time, the comical representation of the extreme rivalry between the 2 families offers funny components, intensifying into a fight that involves sabotaging food, battles, and conflicts.

Unlike the terrible end of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, "Love is All There Is" concludes on a better note. The couple decides to face their parents, exposing their love for each other. Their moms and dads are stiff in the beginning, however the timeless force of love handles to subdue the competition, bringing the once feuding families together.

After witnessing the real love between Rosario and Gina, the families put aside their displeasure, realizing that their hatred was ridiculous and destructive. In the end, their reconciliation takes place at a joint household event-- a grand and jubilant wedding event celebration for the young couple.

Final Thoughts
"Love is All There Is" certainly sticks out due to its distinct combination of a Shakespearean timeless with the perseverance of household companies and the spicy characters of its Italian characters. While the romantic storyline might appear foreseeable, it is the cast's comedic performances and the clever embedding of funny rivalries that leave audiences entertained.

The movie deals not just with the theme of love however likewise deals with the significance of releasing damaging fights and long-held grudges. It exemplifies how love, when permitted, can certainly get rid of all challenges and that often, love truly is all there is. When It Comes To Angelina Jolie, this film works as one of her earliest efficiencies and showcases her capability to handle comedy and drama with equivalent ease.

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