Marathon Man (1976)

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A graduate student and obsessive runner in New York is drawn into a mysterious plot involving his brother, a member of the secretive Division.

Title: Marathon Man

The film "Marathon Man" is a suspense thriller directed by John Schlesinger and released in 1976. The film features Dustin Hoffman as Thomas "Babe" Levy, Roy Scheider as Doc, and Laurence Olivier as Dr. Christian Szell. It unfolds a grim plot involving a Nazi past, diamond trafficking, and a series of unexpected and dangerous encounters.

Thomas, a history Ph.D. student and devoted marathon runner, grieves his father, a victim of the McCarthy persecution who dedicated suicide. The plot magnifies when Thomas's brother, Henry (Doc), appears to be working for the government however is caught up in a dangerous criminal operation. The movie's violent opening series brings Dr. Christian Szell out of his hideout in South America. An ex-Nazi war criminal, Szell, now handling diamonds, keeps a low profile until his sibling's death forces him to step out to obtain his hidden diamonds in a safe deposit box in New York City.

Doc, unfortunately, gets involved in Szell's diamond smuggling operation and is killed. Szell doubts Doc may have told his bro about their operation and decides to interrogate Babe, believing he knows about the diamonds.
Babe is captured and subjected to harsh oral torture by Szell, who repeatedly asks him the somewhat puzzling concern: "Is it safe?". The gripping scene leaves Babe unaware about the situation as he innocently has no knowledge of what Szell is recommending.

Escaping the Trap
Ultimately, Babe leaves from Szell's clutches and, piecing together the hints, realizes all this turmoil points towards a controversial past connected to diamonds left over from World War II. As various strangers attempt to take him and clarify if "it is safe", Babe discovers himself in a cat-and-mouse chase. The streets of New York end up being a metropolitan jungle where he should fight to endure.

Uninformed of who to trust, Babe is finally able to get justice. Szell, who had actually been hiding and living a comfy life, satisfies his fitting end when he's killed by Babe. After all the dreadful experiences, Babe lastly decides to let go of the diamonds rather than engaging further into this fatal game and leaves.

"Marathon Man" is a classic suspense thriller integrating criminal activities and historical ramifications with extreme, individual drama. Excellent performances by Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier make the film resonate with viewers. The movie successfully manifests a sense of fear and fear, leaving the audience captivated till the very last scene. The renowned line "Is it safe?" becomes a sign of unrevealed danger and thriller throughout the motion picture. The movie's portrayal of trust, survival, and retribution in the backdrop of New York's cityscape make it a timeless classic in the thriller category.

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