Monster Island (2004)

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Mutant radioactive bugs attack VJs, Carmen Electra and an island full of MTV contest winners in this tongue-in-cheek tribute to B-movies, monster flicks and even MTV. MTV Original Movies presents Monster Island, a flick with old school effects mixed with hot new celebrities. There’s action, romance and big bugs--now is that something you really want to miss?

"Monster Island" is a 2004 television film directed by Jack Perez. Produced by MTV and released as a comedy-horror sci-fi, the movie demonstrates a mix of common teenage angst, humor, and components of awesome animal features. Its key stars consist of Carmen Electra, Daniel Letterle, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Nick Carter.

Plot Summary
The film starts with a music show interrupted by a beast's abrupt look. Josh (Daniel Letterle) inadvertently wins a contest to commemorate the win of a band, Spring Break shark, that is scheduled to happen on an unmapped island. Christina (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), Josh's school crush, is likewise a contest winner. Having never spoken prior to at school, Christina acknowledges Josh only due to the fact that he's a winner too. They travel to the island, unwittingly boarding a ship full of monsters.

The Adventure Unfolds
When on the island, Carmen Electra, a character called Maddy, who initially looked like a ditzy woman, surprisingly becomes a leader with an unexpectedly large knowledge of beasts. On the other hand, Josh, along with other contest winners, recognize that the island is infested with towering monsters, including giant pests, gigantic Venus flytraps, and mutant amphibians. Trapped on the island, sustained by a hormonal agent imbalance that may be causing the spikes in monstrous activities, the teenagers should fight off the beastly creatures to endure.

Function of Each Character
The character portrayals in the motion picture fall into normal teen-flick clichés with geeks, jocks, quite ladies, and ironical cheerleaders, each bringing their unique taste to the horror-comedy plot. Christina's unpopular sidekick, Lydia (Lauren Storm), spends the majority of the time running from monsters, while the popular jock, Chase (Adam West), basks in his football splendor when he's not being horrified. And Josh, regardless of his unpopular exterior, becomes a brave-hearted hero who takes charge and battles the monsters to get away from the island.

As they figure out that an experiment by a forgotten civilization on the Island has actually triggered the extraordinary advancement of pests, plants, and amphibians, they take charge to reduce the effects of the results. Amidst this, Josh and Christina find love in each other while they combat gigantic amphibians and other dreadful monstrosities.

Despite being a low-budget sci-fi production, "Monster Island"'s engaging storyline and witty discussion keep audiences captivated till the end. With its funny representation of timeless horror tropes and monstrous animals, the film undoubtedly provides an unique MTV twist to this genre of movie, making it a deserving watch for fans of cheese-horror, beast films, and teen funny. The movie ends on a victorious note, with the group members enduring the turmoil and returning home, leaving the monster-infested island behind.

Top Cast

  • Carmen Electra (small)
    Carmen Electra
  • Daniel Letterle (small)
    Daniel Letterle
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead (small)
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • La La Anthony (small)
    La La Anthony
    Herself (as Alani 'La La' Vazquez)
  • Nick Carter (small)
    Nick Carter
  • Adam West (small)
    Adam West
    Dr. Harryhausen
  • C. Ernst Harth (small)
    C. Ernst Harth
  • Cascy Beddow
  • Joe MacLeod (small)
    Joe MacLeod
  • Chelan Simmons (small)
    Chelan Simmons
  • Chris Harrison