Oceans of Fire (1986)

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Ben, a former Navy officer now works on a rig as the guy in charge, but since a lot of crew keeps dying whilst diving and planting the rig in the sea he needs men who are willing to take the risk. He gets in touch with an old friend from the Navy who works in a prison as sort of an diving training base and there Ben selects out the best to complete the task, but with superiors breathing down his neck, a camera crew now jumping on board and a deadline to meet he wants to finish the job and make sure the men stay alive, but not all things work out as he plans.

"Oceans of Fire" is a 1986 made-for-television adventure drama film directed by Steve Carver. The motion picture features stars like Gregory Harrison, Billy Dee Williams, and Lyle Alzado and follows the story of an oil rig worker who winds up in the middle of a global conspiracy, including a stolen Russian nuclear submarine.

Plot Outline
The motion picture begins with Ben Laforche (Gregory Harrison), an overnight employee for Sand Castle Oil. Sand Castle Oil is a company that conducts oil drilling offshore on a rig called Nicholas 1. One night while Ben is at work, a Russian nuclear submarine collides with their oil rig, creating a huge explosion and subsequent oil spill.

With the U.S. Government, led by CIA representative Jacob Shadduck (Billy Dee Williams), suspecting sabotage, they cover the event declaring the accident was because of natural causes. Ben, who goes back to the rig, recognizes that the 'natural cause' was incorrect and concerns Shadduck. Hearing of his suspicions, Shadduck utilizes Ben to investigate further.

Investigation and Intrigue
Ben, together with his fellow workers, including his friend Tucker (Lyle Alzado), face hazardous conditions and even death hazards throughout their hidden reconnaissance. They discover that abandoner Russian officers had stolen the submarine in an attempt to offer it to global terrorists.

Through his investigation, Ben likewise learns that the Chief Executive of Sand Castle Oil, Frank Ward (Ray Milland), had secret arrangements with the Russian renegades to provide technological support for the sub in exchange for individual earnings.

The movie takes a remarkable turn when Frank's child, Ingrid (Cynthia Sikes), who is also Ben's love interest, learns more about her dad's betrayal and decisively coordinate with Ben. Together with Tucker, they set up to trick the Russian abandoners by agreeing to deliver a specific component required for the stolen submarine however planning a counteraction.

In the climax, they handle to board the submarine, overpower the crew and safely return the submarine to the U.S. Navy, avoiding a world disaster. Frank meets a terrible end when his plane, intended to assist him escape after offering the submarine part, takes off due to a bomb attached by the Russian renegades as revenge.

"Oceans of Fire" is an appealing action-packed film that checks out styles of betrayal, greed, and patriotism. The movie ends as Ben returns as a hero who handles to avoid global catastrophe, having discovered an enormous corruption scheme and avoided the lethal innovation from falling into terrorist hands. Ingrid, being implicated due to her willing involvement, is entrusted uncertain repercussions due to her dad's illicit activities. As a result, the story leaves room for audience interpretation of her fate. The ending additional enhances the suspense experiencing whether this whirlwind adventure would likewise culminate in their ultimate union or lead to their separate ways.

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