Permanent Midnight (1998)

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Juggling increasing career success and a growing heroin habit, a television comedy writer attempts to go down a path of improvement.

"Permanent Midnight" is a 1998 biographical drama movie directed by David Veloz, showcasing the traumatic journey of a tv author's dependency to drugs and his struggle with personal satanic forces. Based upon the autobiography of Jerry Stahl, the movie script also composed by Stahl and Veloz presents a dark and gritty insight into the damaging way of life that thwarts the appealing career of its protagonist, portrayed by Ben Stiller.

Plot Summary
The film starts in media res with Jerry Stahl (Ben Stiller) taking a hotel manager position to hide his widespread drug dependency. Jerry meets Kitty (Maria Bello), a recuperating addict, and through a series of flashbacks, his turbulent past begins to unfold. It looks into his life in Los Angeles as a gifted tv author dealing with popular comedies of the 1980s, which included a fictional show comparable to "ALF".

In spite of his increasing career, Jerry is not able to handle the pressures of his hectic life and turns to heroin and other drugs for solace. The story traverses through his unstable relationships consisting of the one with his British television executive other half, Sandra (Elizabeth Hurley), who is unware of the level of his drug dependency. They have a child together, and it's portrayed how Jerry's way of life locations both his household and career in jeopardy.

Jerry's life spirals even more out of control as his reliance grows deeper. Grappling with the loss of his task and the risk of losing his family, he strikes rock bottom. Throughout the film, the audience witnesses the drastic impacts of dependency, not only on Jerry but on those around him, including his wife Sandra and his buddy and fellow author Gus (Owen Wilson). As he drifts further from reality, his desperation for drugs leads him to commit acts that grow progressively degrading and unsafe.

Characters and Performances
Ben Stiller leaves from his usual comical roles to display a significant and emotive performance as Jerry Stahl, capturing the mind of a guy entrapped in his own dependency. Maria Bello gives a strong efficiency as Kitty, who acts as an anchor and potential savior for Jerry. Elizabeth Hurley as Sandra provides trustworthiness to the emotional battle of a spouse dealing with an addict. Owen Wilson's portrayal of Gus includes depth to the story, as he personifies the impact of the substance-abusing culture in Hollywood.

Thematic Elements
"Permanent Midnight" addresses heavy themes such as the high cost of success, the destructive nature of dependency, and the loss of self amidst the chaos of self-medication. It presents a mournful reflection on how dependency can erode skill, relationships, and the human spirit. The movie shows the disintegration of an appealing career and pleased family life, all set versus the background of the glitzy yet superficial world of the television industry.

Cinematic Style and Reception
The film is defined by its raw and unfiltered technique, employing a non-linear narrative structure that efficiently mirrors the confusion and disjointed state of its lead character's life. The gritty visual style, paired with an intense and compelling soundtrack, serves to enhance the immersive experience.

Upon its release, "Permanent Midnight" received combined reviews. Critics applauded Stiller's dramatic performance and the film's unflinching look at addiction, but some argued the story was disjointed and did not have depth in character development. However, "Permanent Midnight" remains a poignant example of cinema's capability to tackle hard real-life concerns and supply a stark caution about the consequences of substance abuse.

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