Post Grad (2009)

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Ryden Malby has a master plan. Graduate college, get a great job, hang out with her best friend and find the perfect guy. But her plan spins hilariously out of control when she’s forced to move back home with her eccentric family.

The 2009 film "Post Grad" is a coming-of-age comedy-drama directed by Vicky Jenson. The movie stars Alexis Bledel, star of "Gilmore Girls", Zach Gilford, and Michael Keaton. The movie highlights the struggles of post-college shift, unfulfilled expectations, and the difficulty of finding a place on the planet after graduation.

Plot Summary
Bledel plays Ryden Malby, an ambitious and high-achieving recent college graduate who is all set to handle the publishing world and has dreams of becoming an editor at the prestigious Happerman & Browning. Despite her outstanding scholastic record and steadfast decision, she stops working to land her dream job and is thrust into the disorienting world of post-graduation joblessness.

In the middle of her task searching aggravations, Ryden moves back to her eccentric family's suburban home. The supporting plot includes her distinct and lovable family, including her handy dad played by Michael Keaton, an independent mom and granny, and a peculiar more youthful sibling.

Throughout the film, Ryden's buddy, Adam, played by Zach Gilford, shows his sensations towards her while all at once preparing to venture off to law school. Ryden, however, brought in to her suave next-door neighbor David, played by Rodrigo Santoro, fails to acknowledge the bond she shows Adam.

Conflict and Resolution
The bulk of Post Grad's story centers around Ryden's challenges and the desperate lengths she goes to secure a job, including trying to win over a possible employer's kid and vying for her dream job versus Jessica Bard, her college rival. Concurrently, her personal life becomes more complicated as she browses her sensations towards Adam and David, leading to a love triangle.

Ryden's life starts to spiral as she struggles to balance her professional aspirations and individual life, leading to many comical and tragic minutes that eventually guide her path. Lastly, after a series of obstacles and dissatisfactions, Ryden pertains to terms with her scenario and recognizes that her career might not determine her joy.

The film closes on a confident note as Ryden starts exploring other opportunities and begins to write a book about her post-graduate experiences. She ultimately reconciles with Adam, acknowledging their bond before he departs for his journey into law school. The motion picture ends with Ryden realizing that she doesn't have her whole life figured out and accepting that it's alright not to have a clear path and to take life as it comes.

"Post Grad" is a relatable and funny peek into the uncertainties of life after college. Bledel shines in her lead role, mixing humor, vulnerability, and ambition in her character. While critics have argued that the movie's storyline is foreseeable and provides little bit more than surface-level exploration of post-college battles, it does supply a practical representation of the stress and anxieties and difficulties faced by many recent graduates. The sentimental mix of funny, drama, and romantic entanglements make "Post Grad" a beneficial story of maturation and pertaining to terms with grown-up life.

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