Rock-a-Bye Baby (1958)

Rock-a-Bye Baby Poster

An average television repairman must care for the newborn triplets of his former hometown sweetheart—now a famous movie star—so her career will not suffer.

"Rock-a-Bye Baby" is a 1958 Technicolor comedy film directed by Frank Tashlin and including popular performers of the time, Jerry Lewis, Connie Stevens, and Marilyn Maxwell. It is based upon a movie script by Preston Sturges, inspired by the musical comedy-drama from 1944, "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek". The film encapsulates a blend of humor, romance, and musical components, which produce a lovely and entertaining story.

Plot Summary
The story unfolds in the village of Midvale, focusing on Clayton Poole (Jerry Lewis), a TV technician who privately cherishes his love for his childhood good friend, Carla Naples (Marilyn Maxwell), now a prominent Hollywood actress. Carla, on learning about her unexpected pregnancy, go back to Midvale. However, her public image is a matter of concern, and it ends up being needed to keep the birth a trick. Clayton finds himself involved in Carla's drama as she picks him to look after her triplets while she returns to Hollywood to continue her profession.

Character Development
Clayton, a naive and not-so-bright character, at first deals with the concept of raising three babies. Nevertheless, his deep affection for Carla inspires him to step up to the plate. Being perceived as the daddy of triplets in a small conservative town causes humorous misunderstandings and funny circumstances, including a series where Clayton tries to feed and put the babies to bed. Meanwhile, Carla is under the impression that Clayton is gladly wed, therefore disregarding her sensations for him and concentrating on her profession development.

Climax and Resolution
The climax is reached when Carla's fiancé, Carlos (Reginald Gardiner), appears in Midvale, eager to marry Carla and raise the children. The town's folks, at first versus Clayton for his expected irresponsible habits, now defend him realizing his generous devotion towards the children. There is also the revelation about Clayton's unreciprocated love for Carla. This takes the story to a vital turning point where Carla has to decide the best for her babies and her future.

After severe factor to consider and seeing Clayton's genuine love and devotion, Carla chooses to wed Clayton, forming a total family for the triplets. The film ends happily with Clayton and Carla's wedding, representing their approval and love for each other and their shared responsibility for the babies. Nevertheless, on a humorous note, the last scene reveals Carla is pregnant again, meaning Clayton's impending trial with another round of infants.

Overall Impact and Evaluation
"Rock-a-Bye Baby" is a classic Jerry Lewis comedy, leveraging his slapstick humor style to the fullest. The movie effectively juxtaposes conventional views about household and society versus sudden unanticipated circumstances. Filled with humor, drama, and a tinge of love, 'Rock-a-Bye Baby' uses a promising story and enticing efficiencies. Undoubtedly, it remains a memorable entertainer in Jerry Lewis's illustrious comedic collection.

Top Cast

  • Jerry Lewis (small)
    Jerry Lewis
    Clayton Poole
  • Marilyn Maxwell (small)
    Marilyn Maxwell
    Carla Naples
  • Connie Stevens (small)
    Connie Stevens
    Sandra Naples
  • Salvatore Baccaloni (small)
    Salvatore Baccaloni
    Gigi 'Papa' Naples (as Baccaloni)
  • Reginald Gardiner (small)
    Reginald Gardiner
    Harold Hermann
  • Ida Moore (small)
    Ida Moore
    Miss Bessie
  • Gary Lewis (small)
    Gary Lewis
    Young Clayton
  • Isobel Elsom (small)
    Isobel Elsom
    Mrs. Van Cleeve
  • James Gleason (small)
    James Gleason
    Doc Simpkins
  • Hans Conried (small)
    Hans Conried
    Mr. Wright
  • Hope Emerson (small)
    Hope Emerson
    Mrs. Rogers