Rosebud (1975)

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In a bold coup a Palestinian terrorist group captures the yacht Rosebud and kidnaps the millionaires five daughters on it. At first they demand film clips to be shown on major European TV stations. Undercover agent Martin is hired to hunt the terrorists down.

Film Overview
"Rosebud" is a 1975 suspense thriller movie directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Otto Preminger. The film features a compelling cast that includes Peter O'Toole, Richard Attenborough, Cliff Gorman, and Kim Cattrall in her film launching. The story mainly revolves around a rich media tycoon's efforts to rescue his daughters, who are kidnapped by a Palestinian freedom organization.

Plot Summary
The movie starts with the abduction of five girls, children of wealthy worldwide industrialists, during their vacation on the Mediterranean Sea aboard the high-end private yacht, Rosebud. The captors are members of a radical Palestinian organization called the Palestinian Liberation Army. The terrorists are led by Youssef Shoman (Amidou), who demands a large ransom and the release of lots of captured Palestinians in exchange for the freedom of their hostages.

Among the industrialists, tycoon Edward Sloat (Richard Attenborough), engages CIA representative Larry Martin (Peter O'Toole) to deal with the crisis. Martin, who typically works under the alias of a news correspondent, is a non-traditional professional who takes an interesting technique to deal with the scenario. He takes a trip through Europe and the Middle East, working out with cops companies and the group to find the women and protect their safe return.

Concurrently, Kurt Baumann (Nikos Tsachiridis), previous boyfriend of among the kidnapped ladies, likewise attempts to rescue them himself. Baumann's solo rescue mission ultimately fails, and it becomes evident that only Martin's strategic approach might lead to any worthwhile outcome.

Characters and Performances
Peter O'Toole's character, Larry Martin, is the centerpiece of the movie. His representation of the cold and computing professional with a subtle funny bone includes appeal to the otherwise grim and extreme story. Richard Attenborough's efficiency as the worried, desperate dad is convincingly touching and authentic. The film also marks the launching of Kim Cattrall, who plays among the abducted children. Amidou, as the terrorist leader, delivers an effective performance that keeps the audience absorbed.

Significance and Themes
"Rosebud" attempts to resolve and highlight major political problems like terrorism and worldwide crises. It lays bare the complexities of negotiation and diplomacy in a politically unsteady, highly divisive world. The film uses the symbol of the private yacht "Rosebud" to emphasize the innocence and fragility of the victims-- girls out for a vacation, captured in a crossfire they have no understanding of.

In spite of getting a mixed action from critics, "Rosebud" has actually been appreciated for its gripping story, thrilling plot twists, and genuine performances. Additionally, the director's capability to thread together political subtleties with a suspenseful storyline makes this film stick out. The film ends with Martin being successful in his mission, skillfully outsmarting the terrorist and saving the captives. "Rosebud" is a fascinating expect suspense and political thriller lovers.

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