Search Engines (2016)

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During another tumultuous Thanksgiving holiday, one family suffers a tragedy: loss of all cell phone reception throughout the house. The sudden media blackout forces the clan to face all their crises head-on—and uncover a few ugly truths along the way.

Film Overview
"Search Engines" is a comedic-drama movie directed by Russell Brown and screened at the LA Independent Film Festival in 2016. With its unique plotline and unforgettable performances, the film offers interesting insights into modern-day society's constant dependency on technology, particularly search engines, and how they impact human relationships and interactions. The ensemble cast consists of great talents, such as Joely Fisher, Connie Stevens, Daphne Zuniga, and Natasha Gregson Wagner.

Plot Summary
The plot of "Search Engines" revolves around a Thanksgiving supper, hosted by a female called Judy, played by Joely Fisher. Lots of guests are invited, including buddies, family members, and some new faces, each bring their own separate preoccupations, peculiarities, and problems.

When a mysterious cosmic occasion happens, triggering all forms of telecommunication, including smart phones and the web, to crash worldwide, the whole group ends up being technology-free, triggering panic, confusion, and withdrawal symptoms among the participants. Without any more capability to hide behind their devices or go online for quick answers and options, they are forced to communicate and resolve their problems in more standard ways.

Style and Message
"Search Engines" intends to make an observation about today's society and our heavy reliance on technology. It strikes home by pushing its characters, and for that reason the audience, to consider what life might be like if we were unexpectedly removed of our devices. The message seems to recommend that possibly we ought to take a step back from our screens and take more time to engage with the world and individuals directly around us.

Throughout the movie, characters come to grips with their reliances, showcasing a variety of reactions to the abrupt loss of their digital crutches. It humorously communicates, through different characters, how private identity and relationships can be influenced, threatened, or even possibly improved without innovation determining practically every element of life.

Performances and Reception
"Search Engines" was well gotten for its take on a relatable and prompt topic. Each character in the film is noticeably well-developed, providing a variety of personalities that show the spectrum of society's innovation users. The performances are typically great, with Joely Fisher's portrayal of Judy being a noteworthy standout. The interaction in between characters feels genuine and relatable, making sure the audience keeps engagement with the subject throughout.

While the movie may have initially caught attention due to the charming appeal of a "wifi-less" Thanksgiving, it does appear to dive deeper than just the comical premise. Its nuanced commentary on the function technology plays in our lives, its effects on our interactions, and our standard human requirement for connection, makes it more than just a basic comedy-drama flick.

The movie might have light, comedic components, however it brings an underlying, serious social commentary that holds significance for audience members regardless of their different technological reliances. While "Search Engines" may not boast high-octane action sequences or tear-jerking melodrama, it endears itself with its relatable characters, subtle humor and its realistic depiction and review of our modern-day, tech-centric way of lives.

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