Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth (2000)

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In this horror parody, a masked serial killer menaces the town of Bulimia Falls with various sharp objects. Attention-seeking television personality Hagitha Utslay is soon on the scene, reporting on the ever-growing body count. Former mall security guard Doughy shows up to protect the teenage population, but he's clearly not much help, allowing the murderer to pick off even more hapless kids as numerous scary movies are referenced.

"Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth" is a satirical funny horror movie released in 2000. It was directed by John Blanchard and composed by Sue Bailey and Joe Nelms. While the film never got a theatrical release, it was let loose upon audiences through direct-to-video platforms. The film parodies a multitude of popular '90s scary films, joking the screamingly popular scream-film genre with its funny representation of high school cliche's, teen adventures, and seemingly unstoppable killers.

The film starts in typical slasher film fashion with the murder of a popular high school lady, Screw. Furthermore, comparable to the naming convention of other popular scary motion pictures, the killer in the motion picture utilizes the name The Killer. Soon after this event, a new woman called Dawson comes to the school. Naturally, eccentric students, vibrant professor, and a mystery surrounding the masked killer's identity produce an interesting narrative throughout of the motion picture.

One by one, The Killer begins targeting teenagers, consisting of Dawson and her pals Boner, Slab, Martina, Mrs. Tingle, Barbara, and Doughy, who closely look like the major characters from a number of other modern scary movies. As foregone conclusion in these kinds of motion pictures, our group of lead characters sets out to discover the identity of The Killer.

Movie References and Parodies
The film essentially serves as a hyperbolized parody of a mix of popular scary movies. These consist of "Scream", "I Know What You Did Last Summer", "Friday the 13th", "Buffalo 66", "Dawson's Creek", "American Pie", "The Sixth Sense", "The Blair Witch Project", "Carrie", among others. The laughs intrinsic are frequently an outcome of both acknowledging these movies and appreciating the ridiculousness of their overstated discussion.

The motion picture tries to pack in as lots of clich├ęs and tropes from horror films as possible in a fairly short running time. The story includes tropes like the mysterious telephone call, the masked horror icon, the mental horror of doubting oneself, and the principle of the killer constantly being one action ahead of the victims.

Cast and Performance
The cast includes various familiar faces like Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Tom Arnold, Coolio, Shirley Jones, and Julie Benz, who provide solid efficiencies, offered the movie's inherently ridiculous nature. The standouts include Coolio's turn as the bumbling policeman and Arnold's efficiency as a relatively clueless school principal includes an enjoyable layer to the parody.

Important Reception
"Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth" received combined evaluations. Critics appreciated the movie's enjoyable and self-referential nature, with lots of finding happiness in the clear affection the creators had for the scary genre. However, others suggested that the movie's attempts at parody in some cases were a bit too disorderly and incoherent.

In conclusion, "Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth" represents an unabashedly absurd parody of a particular corner of pop culture. As a horror spoof, it serves its purpose of supplying light-hearted entertainment, providing both authentic and 'so bad it's excellent' type of humor. It doesn't take itself too seriously, completely aware of its over-the-top antics, which may be the movie's most significant appeal.

Top Cast

  • Tiffani Thiessen (small)
    Tiffani Thiessen
    Hagitha Utslay
  • Tom Arnold (small)
    Tom Arnold
  • Coolio (small)
  • Majandra Delfino (small)
    Majandra Delfino
  • Julie Benz (small)
    Julie Benz
  • Danny Strong (small)
    Danny Strong
  • Simon Rex (small)
    Simon Rex
  • Harley Cross (small)
    Harley Cross
  • Aimee Graham (small)
    Aimee Graham
  • Kim Greist (small)
    Kim Greist
    Mrs. Peacock
  • Chris Palermo (small)
    Chris Palermo
    The Killer