Surf Ninjas (1993)

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Two Asian-American "surfer-dude" brothers discover they are the long lost princes from a China Sea Island. Part of their inheritance includes magically-induced martial arts prowess and seeing the future. Using their new powers, they act to overthrow the island's current dictator, a despotic madman with a metal face!

"Surf Ninjas" is an American family funny movie launched in 1993, directed by Neal Israel. The film has to do with two Southern Californian siblings who discover they are the long-lost princes of a South East Asian kingdom, that is under the rule of a wicked military totalitarian called Colonel Chi.

Main Characters
The primary characters in "Surf Ninjas" are Johnny (Ernie Reyes, Jr) and his younger bro Adam (Nicolas Cowan). Other noteworthy characters include their guardian, a former soldier named Mac (John Karlen); their good friend Iggy (Rob Schneider); and a magical guide Zatch (Ernie Reyes Sr.). Tone Loc stars as Lieutenant Spence, a police officer who gets drawn into the brother or sisters' experience, while Leslie Nielsen plays the principal villain Colonel Chi.

The film opens with the brothers, having a common Californian beach lifestyle-- surfing, going to school, and hanging out. Their life takes a substantial turn as Zatch, a male from their homeland, discovers them in California and discloses their true heritage. Zatch informs them they are the rightful beneficiaries to the throne of Patu San, an island currently oppressed by the wicked Colonel Chi. Zatch presents Adam a SEGA game that amazingly predicts the foreseeable future, assisting them in their journey.

Adventure to Patu San
Involved in a series of experiences, the siblings learn about their royal heritage and obtain unique abilities-- Johnny becomes a martial-arts master, while Adam develops psychic powers. The trio, in addition to their good friend Iggy and officer Spence, head to Patu San to reclaim their throne. Along the way, they experience challenges, eradicate Colonel Chi's henchmen, and gain followers motivated by their bravery and prophesied return.

The group taps into the local resistance movement against Colonel Chi, led by a dining establishment owner named Gum-Bey, they set out for a final battle against Chi's army.

In the climactic fight, Johnny faces Colonel Chi and annihilates him using his newly found martial arts abilities and the spiritual "power of the crown", thus ending his dictatorial guideline. The brothers embrace their destiny, introducing a new period of peace and prosperity for Patu San. Johnny becomes king, and Adam, with his astonishing capability to predict the future, becomes royal advisor. Iggy is selected as an ambassador, while Spence and Mac return to their former lives in LA, taking with them Zatch, who prepares to open a Patusani dining establishment there.

Though consulted with lukewarm actions from critics for its comedic and clich├ęd story, "Surf Ninjas" has actually garnered a cult following for many years. The movie melds elements of teenager beach films with martial arts action and technology-powered mysticism. "Surf Ninjas" mixes California internet user culture with the exotic attraction of East Asia, making it a distinct entry in the early 90s adventure-comedy category.

Top Cast

  • Ernie Reyes Jr. (small)
    Ernie Reyes Jr.
  • Nicolas Cowan
  • Rob Schneider (small)
    Rob Schneider
  • Leslie Nielsen (small)
    Leslie Nielsen
    Colonel Chi
  • Ernie Reyes Sr.
  • John Karlen (small)
    John Karlen
  • Tone Loc (small)
    Tone Loc
    Lieutenant Spence
  • Sheng Meng
    Major Snee
  • Tad Horino (small)
    Tad Horino
  • Kelly Hu (small)
    Kelly Hu
  • Philip Tan (small)
    Philip Tan
    Captain Ming