The 4th Floor (1999)

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A woman inherits a rent-controlled apartment and is terrorized by a neighbor.

Plot Summary
"The 4th Floor" is an American horror movie directed by Josh Klausner in 1999. The thriller stars Juliette Lewis, William Hurt, and Shelley Duvall. The story centers around a young woman named Jane Emelin (played by Juliette Lewis), who inherits an old house from her departed aunt and moves into the 4th flooring versus her partner's guidance.

Jane, an effective designer, moves into the inherited house when her aunt mysteriously passes away. The apartment is dated and has a weird atmosphere, which is extremely heightened by the weird habits of the other tenants. The first three floorings are peaceful and house less eccentric residents. Nevertheless, the 4th floor extremely disrupted and tormented by unusual occurrences.

Increased Disturbances
As the story unfolds in this eerie environment, Jane starts to feel the heat of staying on the 4th floor. Getting home late one night, she starts experiencing series of unusual and terrifying events. Jane finds strange notes, hears unusual sounds, and areas something various every time she walks in. As more strange things start to take place - sustaining aggressive rats, flooded home, and cut power lines, she believes her next-door neighbor Alice, who lives straight below her on the 3rd floor.

Discovery of the Real Culprit
Matters take a turn for the even worse, when Jane's sweetheart, Greg (William Hurt), likewise begins to believe the neighbor Alice lags the disturbances. Nevertheless, as the underlying thriller unfolds, it is revealed that the genuine culprit is none aside from Greg himself. He has actually pretended to think Jane about Alice to perform his diabolical plan. In a spiralling twist of occasions, it ends up Greg had actually been intending to frighten Jane out of the house so that he might relocate and reside in the city without moving his base from his home town.

The Climax
In the thrilling climax of "The 4th Floor", Jane is confronted by Greg, who admits to being the perpetrator of all the odd happenings. A lethal battle occurs, throughout which Jane manages to outwit Greg and locks him in the basement, where he gets consumed by the really big, aggressive rats he set loose to terrify Jane.

General Impact
"The 4th Floor" is a motion picture soaked in mental scary and thriller aspects, with a plot that keeps the audience guessing till the very end. The edgy performance by Juliette Lewis drives the story, with her performing abilities shining through as she transforms from the preliminary confusion and worry to ultimately conquering her traumatic situation. The movie is a mix of horror, psychological thriller, and secret genres, keeping suspense and keeping the audience engaged throughout. While "The 4th Floor" might appear to be an easy tale about a haunted house, it expands into an intense thriller with a shocking twist.

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