The Attic (1980)

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A librarian devotes her life to caring for her wheelchair-bound tyrannical father after being stood up at altar. She fantasizes his death and finds joy only with her pet monkey. When the monkey disappears, a shocking past is revealed.

"The Attic" is a film directed by George Edwards and Gary Graver, launched in 1980. The movie is a psychological scary drama thriller including Carrie Snodgress, Ray Milland, Ruth Cox, to name a few. The story focuses on the life of the primary character, Louise Elmore, who ends up being psychotic due to a series of distressing life experiences causing uncommon activities in her attic.

Carried Snodgress plays Louise Elmore, a female trapped in her own home, tortured by her manipulative, managing dad Wendell (Ray Milland). The story is embeded in the peaceful city of Topeka, Kansas, where Louise is incorrectly accused by Wendell of ruining his life when she was not able to appear for a job abroad. Persuaded that she screwed up his life, Louise is made to be a housemaid in her own home.

Main Conflict and Subplot
The main dispute unfolds as the father continues to manage Louise and dominates her life, contributing to her psychological distress. Their relationship is strained, becoming more complicated and troublesome as time passes. During this duration, Louise rescues a hurt monkey, which becomes her confidant. The monkey, in spite of being secured a cage, quicker ends up being a sign of Louise's own captivity and confinement.

Meanwhile, a subplot establishes when Louise employs a young housemaid Rebecca (Ruth Cox), with whom she forms an uncommon friendship. This relationship arouses jealousy in Wendell who has numerous unsuccessful attempts at scaring Rebecca far from your home utilizing his repellent methods.

Fantastical Turns
As Louise's psychological health weakens, she begins to hallucinate about her attic; it ends up being a convergence point for her worst worries, and she begins to visualize monstrous figures in it. This adds an element of horror to the movie, entering psychological trauma and its abstruse dark corners. Louise continues to let her psychosis run unchecked, cutting herself from the outdoors world and spiraling even more into insanity.

Climax and Conclusion
The film developments to a climax with the twist of exposing a stunning truth, Wendell faked the file that declared Louise had missed job chances, resulting in her life's torments. It is additional revealed that he has even killed his wife and concealed her in the attic. This revelation activates Louise who faces and eliminates her dad.

In the end, a twist reveals that Rebecca was never genuine and merely a manifestation in Louise's creativity. The movie concludes on a chilling note, bringing in plain facts about the level of psychological control and emotional abuse, leaving the audience pondering on the scaries of psychological breakdowns and manipulation.

Total Impact
"The Attic" remains a captivating exploration of the repercussions of psychological adjustment, showcasing how intense human feeling can misshape truth. It includes aspects from the psychological and scary category in narrating a suspenseful and haunting drama. The motion picture delves deep into the psyche and uses the subtleties of thriller, making it a memorable mental scary and violent domestic drama story.

Top Cast

  • Carrie Snodgress (small)
    Carrie Snodgress
    Louise Elmore
  • Ray Milland (small)
    Ray Milland
  • Ruth Cox
  • Rosemary Murphy (small)
    Rosemary Murphy
    Mrs. Perkins
  • Frances Bay (small)
    Frances Bay
  • Fern Barry
    Mrs. Mooney
  • Marjorie Eaton (small)
    Marjorie Eaton
    Mrs. Fowler
  • Dick Welsbacher
    Mr. Farley
  • Joyce Cavarozzi
  • Michael LeRoy Rhodes
  • Ron Luce
    Robert Orin Farnsworth