The Monkey King (2014)

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Original Title: 西遊記之大鬧天宮

Sun Wukong is a monkey born from a heavenly stone who acquires supernatural powers. After rebelling against heaven and being imprisoned under a mountain for 500 years, he later accompanies the monk Xuanzang on a journey to India. Thus, according to legend, Buddhism is brought to ancient China.

"The Monkey King" is an enthralling 2014 Hong Kong-Chinese dream movie directed by Cheang Pou-soi and starring Donnie Yen as the well-known mythical character Sun Wukong, also referred to as The Monkey King. The film is based on picked chapters of Wu Cheng'en's classical novel "Journey to the West", and it's the first movie in the Monkey King franchise. The plot encapsulates religious and legendary styles merged with action and funny components. The movie likewise boasts excellent CGI that develops an immersive, ethereal setting.

The Plot
The movie begins with a war between the forces of Heaven and the Demon Quarters. The Bull Demon King wishes to take over Heaven, however he is defeated by Jade Emperor. After this beginning, the story continues with the birth of Sun Wukong from a crystal in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits, and his development under the tutelage of a Taoist master who teaches him the method of the spirits and warriors.

Wukong ends up being an effective and naughty demi-god, while also developing a deep bond with the Fox Demon, Ruxue. However, Wukong ends up being dissatisfied with his life on earth and desires attain higher power and status. Drawn by the appeal of immortality in Heaven, he eventually makes his way there.

Crisis in Heaven
Upon his arrival at Heaven, Wukong's antics and arrogance challenge the magnificent order. He defies the Jade Emperor, resulting in chaos in the celestial kingdom. Utilizing his wit and exceptional battle abilities, Wukong begins to disrupt the consistency in Heaven, triggering the Jade Emperor to ponder how to manage this rebellious monkey.

At the same time, the Bull Demon King, still ambitious and looking for revenge, makes use of Wukong's rebellious nature to introduce a war against Heaven.

Wukong's Transformation and Battle
Wukong, originally targeting Heaven due to his frustration, eventually becomes a protector against the sinister strategies of the Bull Demon King. The climax manages an extreme face off in between Wukong and the Bull Demon King. Wukong, assisted by his wonderful staff and utilizing his wits, martial arts methods, and remarkable agility, battles the satanic force.

The Monkey King's narrative culminates with Wukong defeating the Bull Demon King and saving the Heaven from chaos. Nevertheless, Wukong's extreme disrespect and defiance versus the celestial kingdom did not go unnoticed. This controversy, combined with the thrilling ending, sets the phase for the sequel, "The Monkey King 2".

Overall, "The Monkey King" is a story about aspiration, rebellion, and improvement, informed through eye-grabbing visuals, classic mythology, and Donnie Yen's charming performance as Sun Wukong.

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