The White River Kid (1999)

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Two con men are traveling through the American South when they are held hostage by a serial killer, who is running from the authorities.

The White River Kid
"The White River Kid" is an American funny crime film from 1999 directed by Arne Glimcher. The movie is written by well-known author David Matthews and stars Antonio Banderas, Ellen Barkin, Bob Hoskins, Beau Bridges, and Swoosie Kurtz to name a few.

Plot Summary
The plot of "The White River Kid" focuses on Brother Edgar (Bob Hoskins), a friar who sells water dispensers with the declared ability to purify impure water. He circumnavigates with a young Latino man called "White River Kid" (Antonio Banderas), who puts on a show of being a spiritual guy miraculously healed due to the maker. Eventually, they run into a clash with a rich but corrupt Arkansas household, the Tulls, after Edgar, unknowingly, sells a machine to them.

At at the same time another front, they stumble upon Eva Nell La Fangroy (Ellen Barkin), a sweet waitress and a hopeful country music vocalist from Mena, who is waiting on her boyfriend, Randy Travis, to save her from the tedious life she presently leads. Kid and Eva are drawn in to each other, and Eva chooses to accompany Kid and Edgar on their journey.

Main Characters
Edgar (Bob Hoskins) is something of an anti-hero, a pretend monk who offers faulty water machines to innocent individuals. He's a scammer with a heart, however, and his relationship with White River Kid brings out some of the best parts of his character. Antonio Banderas as the White River Kid is an outlaw who poses as a wonder man recovered by one of Edgar's water machines. He's lovely, charming and regardless of his criminal past, attempts his best to be a good person.

Eva (Ellen Barkin) is a charming and lovely young waitress who imagines a much better life away from Mena. She ends up succumbing to the White River Kid, who she meets at a restaurant where she works and chooses to opt for him and Edgar on their journey. The Tulls, led by matriarch Apple Lisa are an elite corrupt household who represent many of the evils discovered in the larger world.

Atmosphere and Evaluation
"The White River Kid" is an eccentric blend of funny and criminal offense, filled with local charm and excessive characters. These elements make up for a satisfying watch, while the not likely relationship in between Edgar and the Kid adds a warm layer to the story. The movie paints a plain photo of Arkansas life and provides a quirky reflection of American culture.

In regards to performances, the cast does an exceptional task of bringing their distinct characters to life. Bob Hoskins and Antonio Banderas deliver great performances, managing to generate empathy for their flawed characters. Ellen Barkin likewise shines as a character filled with hopes and dreams, while members of the Tulls include a great procedure of thriller and villainy to the plot.

All in all, "The White River Kid" is a quirky comedy-drama improved with a handful of colorful characters and a plot filled with interesting low and high. Despite having an unusual story, the movie handles to strike right on the mark with its southern appeal, unique humor, and memorable efficiencies by the cast.

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