Tigers in Lipstick (1979)

Tigers in Lipstick Poster
Original Title: Letti selvaggi

8 comic sketches set in Italy, with 4 of the most famous European sex symbols of the 70's playing 2 roles each.

"Tigers in Lipstick", likewise called "The Girls Who Do", is a 1979 Italian sexual comedy-drama movie directed by Luigi Zampa and Eduardo De Filippo, and co-written by Marcello Coscia, Luciano Martino, and Piero Regnoli. The film is an anthology of eight comical vignettes, each depicting various types of ladies utilizing their sexual attraction to control males. The movie hosts an ensemble cast teeming with popular faces of Italian cinema, consisting of Ursula Andress, Laura Antonelli, and Monica Vitti.

Plot Summary
Each story is embeded in different backgrounds and scenarios, marking the versatility and the central style - ladies's intelligence and sexual power - of the movie. The motion picture doesn't follow a chronological story, with each story showcasing the element of feminine power and beauty.

The segments include various stories; a businesswoman utilizes her appeal to close deals, a female's traveler causes a stir on a plane, a model ensnares a rich old man, a female plays a harmful video game with a burglar, a traveler discovers she has an unexpected effect on men, and more circumstances exploring the style of seductive female power over males.

Creative Approach
"Tigers in Lipstick" acquires the classic Italian movie industry's distinct design commonly seen in the 60s and 70s, understood for its combined humor, sensuality, and social commentary. The film relies greatly on visual humor, wordplay, and suggestive ramifications that prevail throughout European cinema of the time. The scenarios are exaggerated yet imbued with symbolic significance, highlighting the film's central theme.

Standouts within the charismatic ensemble consist of Ursula Andress, understood for her functions in "Casino Royale" and "Clash of Titans", Monica Vitti, a four-time David di Donatello Award winner, and Laura Antonelli, a recipient of the Nastro d'Argento Award. Their versatile efficiencies elevate the film, assisting the audience to delve into each character's unique situations and psyche.

"Tigers in Lipstick" was met with mixed evaluations upon release. While some critics praised its comedic worth and the performances of the leading women, some found the eroticism overdone and the overall plot doing not have depth. In spite of the divided critics, the movie stays as a representative example of Italian erotic-comedy movies from the '70s.

"Tigers in Lipstick" works as a time capsule reflecting the Italian film market's fascination with erotic funnies throughout the 70s. Regardless of its seemingly exploitative idea, the film handles to strike an intriguing balance of humor, desire, and the subtle display of females's power. Additionally, the movie's episodic structure and diverse mix of situations guarantee a diverse seeing experience, making "Tigers in Lipstick" an unique piece of Italian cinema.

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