Why We Laugh: Funny Women (2013)

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An uncensored look into the lives of the female stand-up comedian. Featuring interviews and live performance footage from some of today's most prominent female voices in stand-up comedy and entertainment, this revealing documentary sheds light on the legacy of the female comedian and the dedication, courage and passion that is required to be successful in the male dominated stand-up comedy business.

"Why We Laugh: Funny Women" is a 2013 documentary film hosted by the Golden Globe winner, Joan Rivers. The movie, directed by Bernard Gourley, is a distinct exploration of female humor, taking a look at the struggles and victories of females in comedy. The documentary is a sequel to 2009's "Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy". The movie packs a remarkable list of female comedians including Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg, Lily Tomlin, Kim Wayans, and Kathy Najimy, among others. It likewise features interviews with males who support and value female humor, like Tim Allen and Tom Arnold.

Historical Perspective and Evolution
The documentary traces the history and advancement of female comics, beginning with the early days when being funny wasn't thought about ladylike. The movie highlights the gradual changes that broke down the social barriers to allow females to express themselves on the comedy stage. Pioneers like Moms Mabley, Phyllis Diller, and Joan Rivers dealt with substantial obstacles however prepared for future comics. The movie reinforces the concept that the comedy world is no longer a boys' club, with females pressing boundaries and succeeding in stand-up, sitcoms, talk programs, and film.

Defiance and Empowerment
"Why We Laugh: Funny Women" illustrates how funny supplied females an opportunity for defying standard standards and power structures. Female comics highlighted problems around feminism, sexism, body image, societal expectations, and more, using humor to provoke thought and modification. The movie highlights the role of funny as an effective tool in promoting dialogues around vital issues. The interviewed comedians shared their experiences and perspectives, showcasing how comedy empowered them and created safe spaces for talking about uncomfortable topics.

Obstacles and Triumphs
The film does not avoid the difficulties that females face worldwide of comedy. It analyzes prejudices, stereotypes, the consistent pressure to prove themselves, and the glass ceiling that still exists in certain elements. Viewers witness the severe reality of the market through the experiences and stories of the talked to comics. In spite of all these odds, they go over victories and how they've conquered challenges to make their mark in funny.

Conclusion: Resilience and Rise of Female Humor
The movie commemorates the inspiring journey of ladies in comedy, portraying their resilience versus misfortune and discrimination. It applauds their nerve to share their stories and experiences on phase, changing personal battles into humorous narratives. Their humor has a wide appeal, resonating with both males and females alike. The increase of this 'funny female' age not just represents a substantial cultural shift, but likewise lays a structure for future female comedians.

"Why We Laugh: Funny Women" is a testimony to tenacity, bravery, and the ever-evolving function of ladies in funny, breaking down stereotypes and leading the way for future artists. It uses an insightful check out the world of female humor, praising their rise and durability.

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