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After attending their friend Elise's (Sudano) wedding to Nate (Bishop) on New Year's Eve, Trista (Hall), a career-­driven talent agent, Viviane (Scott), a successful gossip columnist, and Amaya (Cooper), a struggling actress, make a pact to get married within the year to either a new love or a man waiting in the wings. But the close friends face their own set of challenges - Trista has not gotten over her commitment-­phobic ex-­boyfriend Damon (White), Viviane is secretly in love with Sean (George), the father of her son, and Amaya is desperate to break up her boyfriend Keith's (Sanders) unhappy marriage so they can live happily ever after. Each woman starts the year with high hopes and dreams of what will happen over the next 12 months... but will they all make it to the altar?

Title: With This Ring
Production: Lifetime Network

Director: Nzingha Stewart

Release Date: January 24, 2015

Starring: Regina Hall, Jill Scott, and Eve

"With This Ring" is a 2015 romantic funny movie that premiered on the Lifetime Network, directed by Nzingha Stewart. The movie follows three single good friends who make a pact to get wed within a year after going to the wedding event of their friend. The main characters in the film are Trista (Regina Hall), a skilled and ambitious producer; Viviane (Jill Scott), a separated mother who still has sensations for her ex; and Amaya (Eve), a free-spirited starlet searching for true love.

The movie begins with Trista, Viviane, and Amaya going to the gorgeous wedding event of their buddy Elise (Brooklyn Sudano). The three buddies, all over 30 and unmarried, capture the bouquet and make an intoxicated pact that they will each find a man to marry within a year. This pact comes up with a series of humorous, romantic, and emotional occasions as the females try to fulfill their promise.

Trista is a television manufacturer who is career-driven and has a tough time discovering time for her individual life. She has an enduring crush on her co-worker, Damon, who just so occurs to be in a serious relationship. Viviane, a mother to a young son, finds herself still in love with her ex-boyfriend, Sean (Jason George), who is also the daddy of her kid. However, Sean has actually carried on and is now with another female, which leaves Viviane sensation stuck. Amaya is an ambitious starlet who believes she has actually finally discovered her true love in a man called Keith (Deion Sanders), but he is currently going through a rocky marital relationship with his separated other half.

As the story unfolds, the 3 buddies face the difficulties of rekindling old flames, dating brand-new prospects, and handling their self-doubts along the method. In doing so, they learn about themselves and the value of their relationships with each other.

Character Arcs:
Trista attempts to overcome her crush on Damon by dating a kind and caring guy named Nate. Though Nate treats her well, Trista battles with her sensations for Damon and eventually makes a risky relocation by putting her career on the line and confessing her love for him. Damon rejects Trista, leaving her sensation lost and devastated. Nevertheless, she later discovers that he was not the best man for her and finds solace in her pals and her career success.

Viviane, throughout the movie, constantly battles to regain the love of Sean, who has proceeded to another female. Despite a genuine effort, Viviane stops working to win Sean back and realizes that she requires to let go of their past relationship and focus on herself and her boy.

Amaya, thinking she has actually found love in Keith, finds out that he is still married and has a hard time to let go of their relationship. However, she ultimately gathers the nerve to leave him and comes out of it more powerful and smarter.

As a result of their experiences throughout the year, the three women redefine what love means to them. They discover that sometimes, the most essential love is self-love and the love shared among pals. The movie ends with the women celebrating their relationship at Elise's one-year wedding anniversary celebration.

In conclusion, "With This Ring" is a lighthearted and entertaining movie that focuses on the styles of love, relationship, and self-discovery. By highlighting the importance of strong female relationships and the strength that can be drawn from them, the motion picture sends an effective and inspiring message to audiences.

Top Cast

  • Regina Hall (small)
    Regina Hall
  • Jill Scott (small)
    Jill Scott
  • Eve Jeffers Cooper (small)
    Eve Jeffers Cooper
  • Brooklyn Sudano (small)
    Brooklyn Sudano
  • Deion Sanders (small)
    Deion Sanders
  • Stephen Bishop (small)
    Stephen Bishop
  • Jason George (small)
    Jason George
  • Brian J. White (small)
    Brian J. White
  • Gabrielle Union (small)
    Gabrielle Union
  • Jason Rogel (small)
    Jason Rogel
  • Gary A. Jones (small)
    Gary A. Jones
    Party Guest (uncredited)