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"Get Into You" is the second studio album by Australian singer-songwriter Dannii Minogue, launched on October 4, 1993, by MCA Records. It marked a departure from the dance-pop noise of her debut album "Love and Kisses" (1991) and saw Minogue exploring new musical directions such as R&B and house music. Despite not achieving the exact same business success as her launching, "Get Into You" helped establish Minogue as a flexible artist and showcased her growth as both a vocalist and a songwriter.

Background and Production
Following the success of her launching album, Dannii Minogue started dealing with her second album in early 1993. She collaborated with a variety of manufacturers and songwriters, such as Eliot Kennedy, Tim Lever, and Billy Steinberg. "Get Into You" was mainly taped in London and Los Angeles, permitting Minogue to try out different noises and work closely with a varied group of artists.

The production of the album was heavily influenced by the popular music patterns of the early 1990s, consisting of elements of R&B, hip hop, and home music. This shift in musical instructions permitted Minogue to display her singing abilities and range, while also incorporating appealing and radio-friendly hooks throughout the album.

Content and Musical Style
"Get Into You" merges aspects of pop, R&B, and house music to develop a varied and diverse noise. The album opens with "This Is It", an uptempo dance track with impacts of R&B and soul. The tune features appealing hooks, popular basslines, and emotional backing vocals, setting the tone for the remainder of the album.

The second single released from the album, "This Is the Way", has a distinct home music influence, complete with an effective bassline, synthesizers, and a catchy chorus. This track demonstrates Minogue's capability to adapt to and master various musical styles.

One of the highlights of the album is the R&B-tinged "Wish You 'd Stop Wishing Me Well", which showcases Minogue's developed vocal ability and psychological depth. The song deals with themes of heartbreak and the intricacies of relationships, making it relatable to a wide audience.

Another standout track is the sultry "Get Into You", which serves as the album's title track. With its seductive, slow-burning beat and passionate lyrics, "Get Into You" exposes a more sensual side of Minogue's artistry.

Release and Reception
"Get Into You" was launched on October 4, 1993. Despite getting positive reviews from music critics who applauded Minogue's flexibility and development as an artist, the album did not replicate the industrial success of her launching, peaking at number 36 on the UK Albums Chart.

The songs launched from "Get Into You" provided moderate chart success for Minogue. "This Is It" was the highest-charting single, reaching number 10 on the UK Singles Chart, while "This Is the Way" and "Wish You 'd Stop Wishing Me Well" charted more modestly.

Although "Get Into You" did not perform along with her debut album commercially, it acted as an essential stepping stone in Dannii Minogue's career. The album showed her growth as an artist and her ability to adapt to different musical styles, showing that she was more than just another pop act. "Get Into You" laid the structure for the continued advancement of Minogue's noise, which has actually resulted in a long and successful career that spans over three years.

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