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"Girl" is the third studio album by Australian singer and actress Dannii Minogue, released on 8 September 1997 by Eternal Records. The album marked a considerable change in Minogue's music career as she began to distance herself from her dance-pop roots and focused on a more mature sound, incorporating aspects of R&B, pop, and electronica. "Girl" was met mixed reviews, nevertheless, it got praise for its cohesive noise and Minogue's vocal performance.

Background and Production
Post the moderate success of her very first 2 albums - "Love and Kisses" (1991) and "Get into You" (1993), Dannii Minogue took a break from her music profession to focus on other tasks. She made a television appearance in the Australian drama series "Home and Away" and also co-hosted the British morning television show "The Big Breakfast". In 1995, Minogue signed a new agreement with Eternal Records and started dealing with "Girl".

The album was primarily produced by Brian Higgins and Matt Gray of British music production team Xenomania. Extra manufacturers associated with the project included Metro, Steve 'Silk' Hurley, David Morales, and Terry Ronald. The production process for "Girl" was significantly various from Minogue's previous albums, as she had greater imaginative control, collaborating closely with the manufacturers and co-writing several songs.

Music and Lyrics
"Girl" is mainly an R&B and pop album, with aspects of electronica, dance, and hip-hop. The album's tracks showcase a cohesive noise while exploring a series of themes including relationships, female empowerment, and self-exploration. Lyrically, the album features a more introspective technique compared to Minogue's earlier work. Tunes such as "All I Wan na Do" and "Someone New" discuss heartbreak, love, and desire, while "Heaven Can Wait" and "If It Moves, Dub It" provide a more sensuous side of Minogue.

Several tracks on "Girl" experiment with different musical designs. The lead single, "All I Wan na Do", includes an appealing electro-pop noise that became a commercial hit in the UK. "Coconut" incorporates aspects of reggae, while "Movin' Up" is an uptempo dance number motivated by 70s disco and funk. Minogue's homage to her disco roots is further highlighted with a dance-infused cover of the disco classic "Don't Wan na Lose This Feeling".

Release and Reception
"Girl" was released in September 1997 and accomplished modest chart success, peaking at number 57 on the UK Albums Chart. Although not a commercial success, the lead single "All I Wan na Do" became Minogue's greatest hit in the UK, reaching number 4 on the UK Singles Chart.

The album got blended reviews from music critics, with some applauding its upgraded noise, mature themes, and Minogue's vocal performance, while others slammed it for lacking originality and being overly-produced. Despite its mixed reception, "Girl" has actually acquired a cult following over the last few years and is considered an underrated gem in Minogue's discography.

Legacy and Influence
While "Girl" failed to attain industrial success during its initial release, the album showed to be an important turning point in Dannii Minogue's career. The album showcased her evolution as an artist and demonstrated her versatility and growth, both in terms of musical genres and lyrical content. Moreover, Minogue's collaboration with the production team Xenomania played a significant function in shaping the sound of the UK pop scene in the early 2000s, with Xenomania going on to produce hits for artists such as Girls Aloud, Sugababes, and Kylie Minogue.

Overall, Dannii Minogue's "Girl" is a noteworthy album that catches the vocalist's artistic improvement and laid the structure for her ongoing success in the music industry.

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