Album: Girl Versions

"Girl Versions", launched in 2001, is the fourth studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Emm Gryner. Unlike her previous albums, which included her original songs, "Girl Versions" is a cover album consisting of reinterpretations of popular songs originally performed by male artists. This special principle showcases Gryner's talent for reimagining well-known tracks and presenting them in a brand-new light, while also permitting her to pay tribute to her preferred artists. The album includes a mix of rock, pop, and alternative music, with Gryner's heavenly voice and minimalist piano arrangements providing each song a fresh, feminine spin.

Emm Gryner's motivation for "Girl Versions" came from her desire to reinterpret the songs she appreciated while growing up and connect a womanly perspective to them. Going over the album's concept, Gryner described that she desired the listener to experience these familiar tunes in a totally brand-new method-- almost as if hearing them for the first time. She thought that by breaking the tunes down to easier plans and swapping the initial male vocals for her own emotive voice, she might potentially expose new layers of implying below the surface.

Track List
"Girl Versions" boasts a diverse tracklist, including covers of tunes by numerous renowned male artists from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. The album begins with a captivating performance of Fugazi's "Waiting Room", followed by interpretations of other classics, such as Stone Temple Pilots' "Big Bang Baby", Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me", and The Clash's "Straight to Hell". Gryner likewise puts her special spin on tracks like "The Day We Hit the Coast" by Thrush Hermit, "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne, and "Battleship Chains" by The Georgia Satellites.

In addition, "Girl Versions" consists of Gryner's performance of "This Flight Tonight", which initially appeared on her 1998 album "Public"-- the cover that first influenced her to embark on the task. The last track on the album is a cover of Canadian rock band Sloan's "For the Good in Everyone".

Reception & Legacy
Upon its release, "Girl Versions" got extensive recognition from both fans and critics, who praised Gryner's emotive vocal performances and creative, stripped-down plans. Numerous reviews noted her ability to revive well-known tunes while still keeping their original spirit, leading to a gorgeous and captivating listening experience.

Though not commercially effective, "Girl Versions" has actually earned a dedicated fan following throughout the years, with listeners continuing to appreciate Gryner's bold reinterpretations of their preferred tracks. The album is often pointed out as a standout entry in the cover album genre and has strongly protected Emm Gryner's place as a versatile and innovative artist.

Impact on Emm Gryner's Career & Future Projects
"Girl Versions" would go on to shape Emm Gryner's profession and motivate future projects. She would continue try out covers, launching more reinterpretations on other albums and through her numerous social networks platforms. Most significantly, Gryner launched another cover album, entitled "Rebel Yell", in 2015. This time, the album focused exclusively on covers of tunes by Canadian artists, even more solidifying her track record for reviving established tracks.

In general, "Girl Versions" stays a considerable and well known entry in Emm Gryner's discography, shining a light on her talent for taking familiar tunes and transforming them into unique, enchanting, and feminine analyses.

Artist: Emm Gryner

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