Album: Summit: Reunión cumbre

"Summit: Reunión cumbre" is a collective album launched in 1974, including American jazz saxophonist Gerry Mulligan and Argentine tango author and bandoneon player Astor Piazzolla. The album is an unique and revolutionary blend of jazz and tango music, showcasing the talents of Mulligan and Piazzolla, 2 of the most ingenious and influential artists of their time. "Summit: Reunión cumbre" is a testimony to their creative synergy and regard for each other's musical vision.

Background and Collaboration
The conference in between Gerry Mulligan and Astor Piazzolla occurred in the early 1970s. At the time, Mulligan was already developed as a prominent jazz artist and composer. He was popular for his distinctive baritone saxophone sound and innovative contributions to the "cool jazz" and "West Coast jazz" movements. On the other hand, Piazzolla was a leading figure in the world of tango music, who, through his storied profession, changed the traditional genre by incorporating aspects of jazz, classical and modern music into his compositions and plans.

The idea of working together concerned fulfillment when Mulligan was welcomed to Argentina for a series of shows in 1973. Upon hearing Piazzolla's music, Mulligan was struck by the charm, complexity, and depth of the Argentine's structures. Ultimately, the two musicians satisfied and launched a musical journey together, culminating in the recording of "Summit: Reunión cumbre".

Album Overview
"Summit: Reunión cumbre" consists of 8 tracks, each showing the unique musical impacts and styles of Mulligan and Piazzolla. The album starts with "20 Years Ago", a Piazzolla composition that highlights the appeal of his bandoneon playing and the intricate tapestry of noise that originates from Mulligan's saxophone. "Close Your Eyes and Listen" is a poignant ballad, showcasing the vulnerability in both musicians' playing. On the other hand, "Years of Solitude" is a brooding and introspective piece showing the solitude and seclusion both artists had experienced throughout their lives.

There are also more upbeat and energetic tracks on the album, such as "Deus Xango", which includes a lively percussion area and a driving rhythmic pulse that showcases Piazzolla's South American roots. "Otono Porteno" and "Verano Porteno", two pieces from Piazzolla's tango cycle "The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires", are transformed into jazz-inspired compositions, as Mulligan's improvisational skills intertwine with the tango rhythms of Piazzolla's bandoneon. "Summit" and "Reminiscence" bring the album to a close, encapsulating the power of the collaboration in between these 2 musical giants.

Legacy and Impact
"Summit: Reunión cumbre" is a substantial piece of work in the history of both jazz and tango music. The meeting of Gerry Mulligan and Astor Piazzolla was a groundbreaking minute that brought 2 different worlds of music together in a genuinely wonderful method. The album proved to be an effective experiment, paving the way for future partnerships in between jazz and tango musicians and revealing that music goes beyond cultural and geographical limits.

In today's musical landscape, "Summit: Reunión cumbre" continues to be considered an important listening experience for jazz and tango lovers alike. The album stays a testimony to the creative brilliance of Gerry Mulligan and Astor Piazzolla and the power of diverse musical backgrounds integrating to develop something utterly distinct and classic.

Artist: Gerry Mulligan

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