Album: Walk on the Water

"Walk on the Water" is an impressive jazz album released in 1992, featuring the legendary baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan. The album consists of nine well-crafted structures, highlighting Mulligan's remarkable abilities as a saxophonist and composer. This album posthumously includes a few of the last recordings of the artist, as he passed away in 1996.

"Walk on the Water" is a testament to Mulligan's ability to check out and expand the boundaries of jazz music. The album has an unique and special noise, blending together various jazz styles and displaying Mulligan's remarkable talent.

Album Background
"Walk on the Water" was taped and released in 1992. The album features Gerry Mulligan on baritone saxophone, Peter Appleyard on vibraphone, Ted Rosenthal on piano, Dean Johnson on bass and Ron Vincent on drums. It was produced by John Snyder and launched by DRG Records.

The album was recorded in the late 1980s however was only launched in 1992, due to an agreement disagreement in between Mulligan and the original label. The album was kept under covers for a number of years up until the conflict was finally dealt with.

Track Listing and Highlights
"Walk on the Water" consists of nine tracks, showcasing Mulligan's innovative genius. Here are the tracks and a few of the highlights of the album:

1. "Random Thoughts"-- A hectic and energetic piece that sets the tone for the album, showcasing Mulligan's expertise on the baritone saxophone.
2. "Piano Blues"-- A sluggish, melancholic blues number highlighting the interaction between the saxophone and piano.
3. "I Heard the Shadows Dancing"-- A beautifully haunting ballad that showcases Mulligan's sublime skills as an author and saxophonist.
4. "The Flying Scotsman"-- A vibrant, upbeat structure featuring a contagious tune and wonderful solos from the band members.
5. "Walk on the Water"-- The title track is a calming, introspective tune with a memorable and mesmerizing melody.
6. "Lost in the Stars"-- A stunning performance of the traditional Kurt Weill and Maxwell Anderson structure, showcasing Mulligan's ability to mesmerize the listener with his emotive playing.
7. "Sydney"-- A lively and pulsating track that commemorates the city of Sydney, Australia, where Mulligan had an unforgettable show experience.
8. "Angelica"-- A warm and touching ballad that highlights the softer side of Mulligan's playing.
9. "Etude for Franca"-- A quick and rhythmically complicated piece that demonstrates the technical mastery of Mulligan and his band.

Reception and Legacy
Upon its release, "Walk on the Water" amassed positive reviews. Critics and fans alike valued Mulligan's outstanding compositions, musicianship, and his capability to effortlessly blend different jazz designs. The album received a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating from Allmusic and is considered one of Gerry Mulligan's finest recordings.

The album continues to be appreciated by jazz enthusiasts worldwide, working as a pointer of Gerry Mulligan's immense contribution to the genre. "Walk on the Water" is a testimony to Mulligan's unmatched skill and creativity, which has actually left an enduring mark on the world of jazz.

Artist: Gerry Mulligan

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