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"All Aboard heaven Train" is an album by the famous American nation singer-songwriter, Johnny Cash. Released in 1962 by Sun Records, the album features a collection of train-themed tunes, showcasing Cash's deep love and fascination with trains and railroading, which would be a consistent style throughout his prolonged profession.

The album reached a crucial point in Cash's career, as he was on the edge of parting methods from Sun Records and signing to Columbia Records. In spite of this, "All Aboard the Blue Train" still stands as a testimony to Johnny Cash's special skill and musical genius. This brief evaluation will delve into the history and background of the album, the songs featured, and its lasting impact on Cash's storied profession.

Background and Production
In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Johnny Cash's career increased with a string of hits like "I Walk the Line", "Guess Things Happen That Way", and "Ring of Fire". By this time, Cash had ended up being a leading force within the burgeoning nation and rockabilly music scenes and developed a strong working relationship with Sun Records founder and manufacturer, Sam Phillips. However, by 1962, Cash's relationship with Sun Records was strained, and he was considering a transfer to the more prestigious Columbia Records.

In spite of the tensions in between Cash and Sun Records, "All Aboard heaven Train" was released as a collection of formerly tape-recorded train-themed songs from Cash's catalog. As an outcome, the album did not get much attention or promotion at the time of its release due to the legal and legal disagreements between Cash and Sun Records.

Tune Selection
Featuring 12 tracks, "All Aboard heaven Train" is a cohesive thematic album that pays homage to Cash's love of trains. The album is a mix of original structures and covers of traditional train tunes by other artists. The opening track, "Blue Train", sets the tone with its memorable blues-inspired rhythm and lyrics about a male losing his love to a train.

Another standout track, "Folsom Prison Blues", would become one of Cash's signature tunes and go on to be a staple of his live efficiencies. The song tells the story of a detainee who dreams of leaving his cell on a distant train, showcasing Cash's deep emotional connection to trains and his ability to craft engaging narratives within his tunes.

The album likewise consists of outstanding covers of classic train tunes like "Casey Jones" and "Wreck of the Old 97", cementing Cash as an interpreter of the traditional American train tune custom.

Effect and Legacy
Though it did not initially generate as much attention as some of his other albums from this era, "All Aboard heaven Train" has actually grown in stature for many years as a testimony to the power and flexibility of Cash's songwriting and storytelling talents. The album's thematic cohesion and well-chosen tune choice make it an engaging listen for fans of Cash's work and those interested in the history of American train songs.

The impacts of "All Aboard heaven Train" can even be heard in later Cash albums, such as "Ride This Train" and "Silver", both of which function train-themed tunes and narratives.

While it might not be regarded as among Cash's most revolutionary albums, "All Aboard heaven Train" stays an important part of his discography and a testimony to the lasting impact that his love for trains had on his life and music.
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