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"John R. Cash" is an album by American c and w legend Johnny Cash, launched in 1975. It is the singer's 41st album and was produced by Charlie Bragg and Don Davis, while it was tape-recorded for and launched by Columbia Records. Understood for its rich, deep voice, "John R. Cash" reflects the numerous aspects of Cash's musical career, showcasing his undeniable prowess as a singer-songwriter. The album features a mix of original tunes composed by Cash, along with other structures by fellow artists. The ten tracks on this album remind listeners of the adaptability of this renowned c and w artist as well as his ability to capture and captivate audiences.

Track Listing
1. "My Old Kentucky Home (Turpentine and Dandelion Wine)" - The album opens with a plan of Stephen Foster's classic tune which offers a classic glance into Cash's childhood. In this performance, Cash strongly weaves the story of a man recollecting about his Kentucky home, producing a vibrant photo in the listener's mind.

2. "Hard Times Comin'" - Co-written by Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash, this track depicts the tough times dealt with by the commoner. Cash's raw vocal performance and the tune's country-rock style had an effective effect on listeners.

3. "The Lady Came from Baltimore" - This cover of Tim Hardin's folk song takes a darker turn, with Cash's deep voice giving it a haunting quality. The story centers around a female who leaves her fan and kid behind in Baltimore just to discover more bad luck.

4. "Lonesome to the Bone" - Another original song by Cash, this track showcases his hallmark mindset through the story of a guy down on his luck who is figured out to keep moving on despite his loneliness.

5. "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" - This cover of The Band's classic tune reflects Cash's shared appreciation for the South and its history. His scratchy, emotional delivery communicates a sense of grieving and loss for the fallen South throughout the American Civil War.

6. "Clean Your Own Tables" - This original song by Cash uses a more upbeat rhythm and features his pragmatic message directed at those who take life for approved, advising them to take individual responsibility.

7. "Jesus" - This deeply spiritual track shows Cash's Christian faith and steadfast belief in the power of Jesus Christ. It catches Cash's self-questioning and commitment to a higher power.

8. "Reason to Believe" - A cover of Tim Hardin's ballad, Cash offers a genuine performance that showcases his ability to feel sorry for the disillusioned storyteller and the human condition.

9. "Blistered" - This track tells the story of a male who feels trapped by his own bitterness and remorse. Cash's simple design provides a clear message about personal problems and the risk of house on them.

10. "Suppertime" - The album concludes with a poignant cover of Ira Stanphill's timeless gospel song. Here, Cash considers the eternal benefit of the afterlife and focuses on the value of faith.

"John R. Cash" might not have garnered the commercial success of a few of Johnny Cash's earlier albums; however, it remains a revered piece of work that highlights his talent for storytelling, vocal strength, and capability to get in touch with listeners on a deeply psychological level. The album's mix of nation, folk, and gospel affects displays Cash's adaptability and enduring appeal at a time when the music market was beginning to see a considerable shift in styles and categories. The extensive lyrical styles and captivating performances on this album serve as a tip of why Johnny Cash stays among the most prominent and reputable names in c and w history.
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