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"Aerial" is a double album launched in 2005 by the English singer-songwriter and artist Kate Bush. Widely considered one of her most ambitious and diverse works, the album marked Bush's return to the music scene after a 12-year hiatus following the release of her 1993 album "The Red Shoes". "Aerial" was consulted with extensive critical honor and business success, peaking at number three on the UK Albums Chart and being licensed Platinum by the BPI. It includes a wide range of musical designs, detailed arrangements, and poetic lyrics, efficiently showcasing Bush's growth as an artist throughout her time away from the public eye.

Album Structure
"Aerial" is structured as 2 separate but interconnected albums: "A Sea of Honey" and "A Sky of Honey". Each half explores various styles and concepts, with "A Sea of Honey" concentrating on personal and reflective subjects, while "A Sky of Honey" handles a more extensive and impressionistic method, centered around the style of a single day's development from dawn to sunset.

A Sea of Honey
The very first disc, "A Sea of Honey", contains seven tracks that showcase Bush's varied musical influences and her accessible yet sophisticated songwriting. The album opens with "King of the Mountain", a haunting, climatic tune that questions the intentions of popularity and wealth, referring to the sad fates of Elvis Presley and Citizen Kane's Charles Foster Kane. The track was released as the album's lead single, arriving 5 in the UK Singles Chart, and includes a distinct guitar riff by her long time collaborator, Dan McIntosh.

"Prelude" and the somber "Joanni" pay tribute to Joan of Arc, diving into themes of faith, bravery, and martyrdom. The former is a brief piano-led critical piece that completely leads into the latter, where Bush's voice takes spotlight, showcasing her regulated vibrato and emotive storytelling.

"Pi" is a distinct track that highlights Bush's love for mathematics and enigmatic characters, informing the story of a man consumed with the mathematical constant. The tune features the atmospheric use of chimes and electronic beats, with Bush remarkably singing the numerical series of Pi at different points.

"Bertie" is a tender ode to Bush's child, celebrating the joy of motherhood with warm instrumentation and expressive lyrics, while "Mrs. Bartolozzi" touches on styles of domesticity and womanly identity with its unconventional story of a homemaker's life.

Lastly, "How to Be Invisible" is a moody, electronic-infused track including enigmatic lyrics that appear to express a longing for personal privacy and solitude, which can be viewed as reflective of Bush's own reclusive nature.

A Sky of Honey
"A Sky of Honey" handles a more speculative approach, with 9 tracks that seamlessly stream into one another, recording the essence of a single day from dawn to dusk. The soundscape is lush and immersive, with birdsong and ambient sounds featuring prominently throughout.

The suite starts with the gentle important "Prelude" and moves into "Prologue", which introduces the day's theme with magnificent harmonies. The tunes "An Architect's Dream" and "The Painter's Link" are linked by the character of a painter observing the modifications in light and landscape throughout the day.

"Sunset" is a standout track, including 2 sections-- the first boasting a flamenco-inspired arrangement and passionate lyrics about the beauty of a fading sky, while the 2nd provides a tranquil, calm reflection as the sun vanishes.

"In the Warm Room" provides an intimate interlude, with piano and vocals painting a comfortable environment, prior to "Nocturn" draws listeners into the soft charm of golden. The last track, "Aerial", brings the album to a close with an upbeat celebration of the cycle of life and the freedom of expression.

"Aerial" is an enthusiastic and fascinating album that showcases Kate Bush's artistic development and mastery of numerous musical styles. With its combination of self-questioning and extensive sonic landscapes, the album serves as a testament to Bush's skill and sustaining effect on the music industry.
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Artist: Kate Bush

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