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"Never for Ever" is the third studio album by English singer-songwriter and artist Kate Bush. Released in September 1980 by EMI Records, the album marked a considerable advancement in Bush's musical style and creative vision. It was her very first album to be co-produced by Bush herself, alongside Jon Kelly, which enabled her to have greater control over the innovative procedure. With its blend of art pop, progressive rock, and baroque pop designs, "Never for Ever" is a bold and experimental work that showcases Bush's development as a musician while still retaining the raw psychological strength that has actually become her signature.

Background and Recording
Following the commercial success of her very first two albums, "The Kick Inside" and "Lionheart", Bush chose to take a more hands-on method with "Never for Ever". Feeling that her identity was getting lost due to heavy participation from others during the production of her previous albums, she co-produced the album to ensure her creative voice was not watered down. The recording happened at different studios, consisting of London's Abbey Road Studios and AIR Studios, in between February and June 1980.

Music and Lyrics
"Never for Ever" showcases a more fully grown and speculative Kate Bush, checking out various musical designs, arrangements, and styles. It includes numerous instruments such as the Fairlight CMI synthesizer, which Bush would continue to utilize throughout her career, providing the album a futuristic and otherworldly sound. The album also features more sophisticated and thick plans than her previous efforts, with a focus on strings and synths that create a lush, cinematic atmosphere.

Lyrically, the album explores a wide variety of themes, from the whimsical to the dark and mystical. "Babooshka", the lead single, informs a playful story of a woman who tests her hubby's fidelity using an imaginary alter-ego, while "The Wedding List" checks out a cruel bride who decides to kill all of the visitors at her wedding event. "Breathing", among the most haunting tracks on the album, is a cooling reflection on the fear of nuclear war and its prospective repercussions, showcasing Bush's keen awareness of the issues of the time.

Reception and Legacy
"Never for Ever" was a commercial and important success, peaking at top on the UK Albums Chart and generating three UK leading 20 singles, including "Babooshka", which reached number 5. The album received widespread praise from critics, who admired Bush's daring and innovative approach to songwriting and her enhanced abilities as a producer.

The album's success enabled Bush to shift from an increasing star to an established artist, and its impact can be heard in the work of lots of future artists, consisting of Tori Amos, Björk, and Florence Welch. Through its blend of creative ambition and emotional resonance, "Never for Ever" solidified Kate Bush's reputation as an innovative artist who pressed the boundaries of what pop music might be.

"Never for Ever" is an essential album in the profession of Kate Bush; it marks the start of her journey as a manufacturer and her experimentation with various sounds and styles. Showcasing a more fully grown and positive artist, the album's innovative production and expressive lyrics helped to pave the way for Bush's future work and solidify her location as a visionary in the world of music. With its classic appeal and enduring impact, "Never for Ever" stays a vital part of Kate Bush's discography and a testament to her exceptional skill and creative advancement.
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