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"My December" is the third studio album by American singer-songwriter Kelly Clarkson, released on June 22, 2007, by RCA Records. The album marked a substantial departure from the pop-rock sound of her previous albums, "Thankful" (2003) and "Breakaway" (2004), as Clarkson took innovative control and co-wrote or composed every song on the album. The singer cited influences such as Radiohead, Alanis Morissette, Garbage, and U2 for her brand-new, darker, and more reflective musical direction.

Background and Production
After the huge success of her sophomore album "Breakaway", which sold over 12 million copies around the world and made Clarkson two Grammy Awards, her label, RCA Records, expected her to launch another pop hit studio album. Nevertheless, Clarkson wanted to explore her imaginative freedom, and following her split from her management group, The Firm, she began dealing with "My December" with her band instead.

The production period for "My December" was fairly brief, with Clarkson stating that she composed the majority of the tunes in simply a couple of months. The album was mostly produced by David Kahne and Jimmy Messer, with Kelly co-producing 2 tracks herself. Clarkson took a threat with the album, as she strayed from the traditional pop noise and looked into alternative rock, electropop, and raw ballads with introspective and mentally charged lyrics.

Lyrics and Themes
Clarkson's personal life experiences deeply affected the styles and lyrics of "My December". The album handles personal issues such as heartbreak, failed relationships, loneliness, and individual battles. On the lead single, "Never Again", Clarkson discusses the anger that comes from a betrayal, and the tune became an instantaneous hit and among the most memorable tracks from the album.

"Haunted" represents a darker side to the album, where Clarkson narrates the feeling of being haunted by past choices, and "Sober" is an emotionally extreme ballad in which the vocalist discuss her emotional journey to healing after an unhealthy relationship. The album's closing track, "Irvine", showcases a susceptible side of Kelly that numerous fans hadn't formerly seen.

Business Performance and Critical Reception
While "My December" did not attain the very same industrial success as "Breakaway", it still debuted at second on the United States Billboard 200, selling over 290,000 copies in its very first week. The album eventually became licensed Platinum in the United States.

The vital response to "My December" was mixed, with some critics applauding Clarkson's artistic development and her emotive songwriting abilities. Others criticized the album for being too dark and extreme and questioned how well it would carry out commercially. Nevertheless, the change in direction with this album solidified Clarkson as an artist with a varied musical variety.

"My December" remains an essential album in Kelly Clarkson's discography as it marked a turning point in her profession. Her desire to break away from the expectations of her label and the industry set the foundation for her future work, offering her the confidence to experiment further with various styles and psychological themes. As Clarkson's profession has continued to grow, "My December" serves as a testament to her creative evolution and the resilience it considers an artist to remain genuine and follow their imaginative impulses.
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