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"Piece By Piece" is the seventh studio album launched by American singer Kelly Clarkson's on February 27, 2015, by RCA Records. The album is a follow-up to her first greatest hits album, "Greatest Hits: Chapter One" (2012), and its buddy extended play, "The Smoakstack Sessions Vol. 2" (2012). This album marked an important return for Clarkson, who had taken an extended break from her music profession to concentrate on her individual life as she got married and brought to life her first child. "Piece By Piece" features a mix of pop, rock, and R&B tracks and boasts partnerships with significant artists and producers such as Sia, Kara DioGuardi, and Greg Kurstin.

Principle and Themes
"Piece By Piece" explores a variety of themes, from love and empowerment to heartbreak and self-discovery. Assembling her life experiences throughout her hiatus, the album is described as a brilliant representation of Clarkson's reflections. The album's title track, "Piece by Piece", is a psychological ballad deriving from Clarkson's own life where she shares her feelings about her dad's desertion and her hubby's love and commitment. Tracks like "Run Run Run", including John Legend, showcase a more vulnerable side, unfolding the discomfort of a failing relationship and betrayal.

Contrasting with the mournful tracks, the album also presents effective, uplifting anthems. For instance, "Heartbeat Song" is an infectious pop tune that checks out the ecstasy of falling in love again, while tracks like "Invincible" and "People Like Us" deliver empowering messages about durability and self-acceptance.

Production and Collaboration
"Piece By Piece" sees Clarkson dealing with a wide range of songwriters and producers, all of whom contribute distinct aspects and styles to the album. The album consists of dance-inspired tracks produced by Greg Kurstin, such as "Heartbeat Song" and "Let Your Tears Fall", displaying the album's commercial appeal. Clarkson likewise collaborated with singer-songwriter Sia on "Invincible", a track that blends distinct vocal techniques and pop sensibilities, and co-wrote "Nostalgic" with Kelly Sheehan, a classic effort that speaks of heartbreak and development.

Additionally, Kelly adapted a version of Tokio Hotel's hit "Run, Run, Run" in a stirring duet with John Legend, illustrating her ability to tackle different genres and deliver impressive vocal efficiencies.

Reception and Legacy
Upon its release, "Piece By Piece" got blended to favorable reviews from music critics. Numerous applauded Clarkson's powerful vocal efficiencies and a few of her songwriting while expressing blended opinions about the album's production, specifying that it could have benefitted from a more cohesive sound.

Commercially, "Piece By Piece" debuted at primary on the United States Billboard 200 chart, making it Clarkson's 3rd album to attain this task. The album was accredited gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and generated effective songs like "Heartbeat Song" and "Piece by Piece".

In conclusion, "Piece By Piece" marks Kelly Clarkson's victorious go back to the music scene after her hiatus, showcasing her range of designs and amazing vocal expertise. The album functions as a statement to her durability, development, and continuous capability to get in touch with her audience through meaningful music.

Artist: Kelly Clarkson

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